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Connect Race Lite

Cross-country flying is one of the supreme disciplines in the sport of paragliding. There is no greater freedom for pilots than to begin their flying adventures from remote launch sites, which often can only be reached on foot. The sporty and elegant Connect Race Lite can be used as a comfortable cross-country harness whatever your plans.

It is light enough for extended hike and fly trips, and its construction and the materials used guarantee durability and easy handling both on the ground and airborne. The protector options and removable seat board allow you to optimize the Connect Race Lite according to your particular needs and purpose.

Price zł7,300.00

    Syride Sys’Nav V3

    Syride Sys'Nav V3 is a small, light and easy to use but very powerful variometer for demanding customers!

    Very light variometer equipped with a very sensitive sensor. It has a fully customizable screen, so you will see the information you need. Thanks to the assembly on the sash belt, you do not have to let go of the brakes to operate the device. Fans of night and evening flights will surely appreciate the illuminated, very readable screen.

    The Thermal Sniffer Assistant helps you find the chimney and better glide line!

    Price zł1,880.00

      Charly Vitesse helmet

      CHARLY Vitesse

      The CHARLY Vitesse is an extremely lightweight paragliding Hike & Fly helmet that can be equipped with a visor. 

      3 helmet shell sizes, replaceable inlays and the integrated headband adjustment allow precise adaptation to a wide variety of head shapes and sizes, while keeping the helmet dimensions as small as possible. 

      Thanks to special inlays available as accessories, even the under- and oversizes XS and XXXL can be covered.



        Helmet and instrument bag with drawstring.

        The surface of this luxurious microfibre Charly PREMIUM FLEECE  PROTECTION  BAG is smooth at the outside and soft and fleecy on the inside such that its content is optimally protected during transport. 

        The Charly PREMIUM FLEECE  PROTECTION  BAG offers enough room for one helmet plus flight instruments, gloves, etc. and is equipped with a practical draw cord.

        Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm

        Weight: 67 g

        Price zł60.00

          Kortel sak for Kanibal Race II

          Sak Race II

          The Sak Race II is the new Kortel Design carry bag, specially designed around the Kanibal Race II.

          Its volume has been specially designed to carry the Kanibal Race II

          The volume has been specially designed to carry the Kanibal Race II, a competition sail, and many essential accessories (instruments, helmet, ballast, jacket, ...). Its very high shape makes it easy to carry, and allows to respect the instructions for folding the sails with ropes.


          Front belt

          Wide padded belt

          Side carrying handle

          Weight distribution

          Side Pocket

          Chest Strap

          Compression straps


          Volume: 220L

          Weight: 1.3kg

          Price zł1,150.00

            Kortel Sak tandem II

            Sak tandem II

            The Biplace II Bag is the latest evolution of the beanbag invented by Kortel Design many years ago.


            Improved carrying compared to the previous version.

            Ergonomic carrying straps.

            2 side carrying handles.

            Wide abdominal strap. Height adjustable chest strap.

            Allows you to store the glider in a ball and close the bag with a single strap.

            Possibility to maintain the bag on the ground with the foot for an easy closing.

            The capacity of the bag allows to store the tandem, the pilot harness and its reserve, the two helmets and the passenger harness.

            2 transverse compression straps with metal buckles.

            Tunnel pocket to store the pole and the camera.

            Transparent pocket for the bag's identity card.

            Small coin pocket.

            Capacity: 200 liters

            Weight: 1.5 kg

            Price zł1,120.00

              Kortel Kolibri 80 L

              Sak Kolibri 80l: your all-terrain backpack !

              The Sak Kolibri has been thought and designed for the walk & fly and flight-bivouac enthusiasts. It integrates the necessary and sufficient functions for this type of practice.


              • Protective cover
              • Adapted to the size of the bag
              • Compression system
              • Unique system for optimizing storage
              • Pre-shaping back slats
              • Single zipper for opening all or part of the bag
              • Waterproof internal protection against sweat on the glider
              • Many side-pockets accessible while walking
              • rekking poles holding system
              • Frees your hands hands while walking (use GPS, phone, etc...).
              • Shoulder netting pockets
              • For cans and/or small equipment
              • Rain cover



              An additional 20l extension to further increase storage capacity


              Sack price + additional  extension with a capacity of 20 l at a promotional price of PLN 1,200 gross

              The price of the extension itself, if someone has a Kortel Kolibri backpack with a capacity of 80L - price PLN 100


              Volume: 80L

              Weight: 800g

              Price zł1,120.00

                Kortel Kolibri 60 L

                Kolibri 60l

                The Sak Kolibri 60l has been thought and conceived for the amateurs of walking or flying competitions or those using their light equipment on a daily basis, for whom the Sak Kolibri 80l is too bulky.


                Single zipper for opening all or part of the bag

                Waterproof internal protection against sweat on the glider

                Pre-shaping back slats

                Rain cover

                Shoulder netting pockets for cans and/or small equipment

                Many side-pockets accessible while walking

                Volume: 60L

                Weight: 700g

                Price zł1,120.00

                  Kortel Sak K40

                  Sak K40

                  This 40L sak has been thought and designed for mountain lovers. Ideal for your day trips, whatever the summit you are aiming for!


                  • Ice axe / pole holder
                  • Shoulder netting pockets for cans and/or small equipment
                  • Many side-pockets accessible while walking
                  • Waterproof internal protection against sweat on the glider
                  • Removable helmet holder
                  • Pre-shaping back slats

                  Volume : 40L

                  Weight: 650g

                  Price zł1,060.00

                    Swing Concertina Protection Bag II

                    Concertina bag for gentle packing of the glider

                    Lightweight concertina bag with integrated compression straps.

                    The latest and lightest version of our concertina bag. 

                    Coming as standard with the purchase of a new wing, the latest version of our concertina bag is the lightest yet and comes with all the usual refinements you would expect from a bag of this style

                    While placing an order, pleasu choose size:

                    • 260
                    • 290
                    • 320
                    Price zł450.00

                      Swing Fast Packing Bag

                      SWING FAST PACKING BAG

                      First, the Swing Paragliding fast packing bag offers a comfortable shoulder carrying system.

                      The inside riser bag and a double lacing ensure optimum operability.

                      While wearing the padded shoulder system in connection with ultra-light materials (1040g) it provides you a comfortable feeling, especially for your back.

                      In addition, the stuff bag capacity makes it very flexible for different purposes.

                      For example, the Swing stuff bag can be used with a solo paraglider or tandem wing. The bag fits the appropriate size and can be compressed easily with the compression straps on the side.

                      The Swing bag can accommodate all your paragliding gear including your paraglider, harness, accessories, variometer, helmet.

                      Price zł590.00

                        SHERPA BACKPACK SWING

                        Sherpa Backpack "Sherpa"

                        The Swing Sherpa packing bag is available in two sizes (L and XL) and is included in the delivery of most Swing paragliders.

                        The standard backpack, L being 130 litre and the XL is a whopping 200 litre. Basically the large will be sufficient for most, unless you have a big competition harness or simillar, in which case the XL has it covered.

                        Special Features of the Sherpa

                        Side handles for comfortable lifting

                        Padded shoulder straps and backrest

                        Removable hip belt

                        Additional sewn fixation strap inside the backpack for holding the wing or harness in place

                        Load area for small parts easily accessible in the upper part of the backpack

                        Compression straps for optimized adjustment of the volume

                        Further side and top pockets

                        Reflective stripes for better visibility in darkness

                        Integrated compression possibility for small storage in the harness

                        Price zł720.00

                          PARASLEEVE 2 UP

                          PACKING MADE EASY

                          The Parasleeve² is designed so that it may be used with ALL UP wings, and allows you to fold the "cigar" in several different ways once the bag is zipped closed. If you like to separate the wing from the harness when packing there's an integrated riser compartment in there for you, and if you don't well rest assured that the zipper is bidirectional so that you can let the lines out at the bottom.

                          We're making it in three different sizes to accomodate all wing sizes, and we're happy to say that the M size weighs only 460g. There are large mesh panels to allow your wing to breathe while stored.

                          Please choose preferable size:
                          • S ( 230cm )
                          • M (255 cm )
                          • L ( 280 cm )

                          The Parasleeve² is included with Summit XC series, Kangri, Trango X series. Meru, Guru wings, and can be ordered as an accessory for all other wings at the same time.

                          Ascent series  XS, S, M, L 
                          Rimo  XS, S, SM, M. L
                          Dena  XS, S, SM M. L 
                          Makalu series S, SMM, L 
                          Kibo seriesSSM, ML
                          Lhotse series 20, 2224, 26 
                          SummitX seriesXSS, M 
                          KangriSM, L  
                          TrangoX seriesS, SMM, L 
                          MeruSM. ML 
                          GuruS, SM, M, L  
                          K2-4  SM, ML 
                          Price zł440.00

                            STUFFSACK² UP

                            THE NEW STUFFSACK²

                            Put the glider inside, close the buckle, tighten the cord, close the zipper, and get yourself up to takeoff!

                            Ergonomic shoulder straps make it easy to carry, five compression straps allow pilots to quickly achieve a compact backpack, and the partial mesh outer layer lets the wing breath. 

                            At just 900g it ads very little bulk and weight to the harness while flying.

                            Stuffsack² works with all models and sizes. It is already available to order and it is delivered with our tandem gliders.

                            Price zł590.00

                              UP BACKPACK

                              A TALLER, SLEEKER, MORE COMFORTABLE PACK

                              The new wings, with all their complex internal battens, are much longer when packed than they were just a few years ago. 

                              We have been busy making a backpack that reflects that change, and are proud of the new UP glider backpack! It is tall enough to accomodate your lovingly packed performance UP wing AND your bulky comp harness, it is much more comfortable to carry due to a better load distribution, and with heavy-duty YKK zippers and triple-reinforced sewing it is strong enough to last. 

                              Plus it is almost 500g lighter than the previous model!

                              The new bag comes in M and L. The M size is for beginner and intermediate wings/pilots with normal-sized gliders and harnesses, whereas the L size is for the performance-oriented gliders/pilots carrying more kit and larger harnesses. 

                              The M size holds 140l and weighs 1230g, while the L size holds 175l and weighs 1330g.

                              The M size is included with deliveries of Ascent 4's, Dena, Makalu 4's, and Kibo², and Summit XC4's in XS, and Trango X-Race in S.

                               The L size is included as standard with Summit XC4 and Trango X-Races in all other sizes as well as for Meru and Guru. When you order a new UP wing you may ask to have the standard size replaced by the other one, for a small surcharge. 

                              Please note that we cannot change the backpack for you after you have received your new wing - but you are always welcome to purchase a supplementary pack from your UP dealer.

                              Price zł600.00

                                SUMMITEER LIGHT - BACKPACK

                                SUMMITEER LIGHT - BACKPACK

                                A good hike and fly backpack should be comfortable to carry, cinch down tight against your back, and be made of the highest quality light-weight materials. We have designed the Summiteer-light to do just that.

                                Whether your carrying your pack 500m to the tram station, or 50km in a training run, its a huge advantage to have a light, feature rich, comfortable pack. Your back will thank you!

                                The Summiteer Light can be ordered from your dealer and will be included by default with the Mana, Lhotse² and Kangri Gliders, it can also be special ordered with any of our solo gliders. The Summiteer Light will easily fit any standard size glider. For more pictures, please visit our “Gallery”.

                                Size S: 385 gram

                                Volume: 90 liter

                                Dimensions: H 70 x W 42 x D 30

                                Material: Skytex & Dominico (40g/sqm), YKK zipper

                                Walking stick mount

                                Helmet mount

                                Preliminary setup for drinking system

                                6 compression belts

                                Two zip-pockets on the hip belt

                                Pocket on the front side

                                Price zł750.00

                                  Charly Paralock 3

                                  The Charly Paralock 3 is a modern paragliding carabiner that offers numerous advantages and safety features. It can save lives in various dangerous situations.

                                  This new generation carabiner is useful not only during emergency water landings and encountering strong ground winds. The quick-release function for the paraglider can also prevent the dangerous downplaning effect. This is a significant acceleration of the descent speed with an unfolded paraglider after deploying a rescue parachute.

                                  Price zł799.00

                                    copy of KNIT FLEECE SERAC UP

                                    The UP Serac is the perfect top layer for cool mountain evenings, or middle layer for cold flights. Made from a stylish knit fleece, it doesn't just look good - it feels great too. 

                                    The inside of the cloth has gone through a roughening process where it is scratched to form a soft and very comfortable surface which feels super soft against the skin, and makes the whole thing more windproof too. 

                                    The material is 100% polyester, and the Serac comes in sizes M, L and XL.

                                    Price zł199.00

                                      Woody Valley Race

                                      Woody Valley RACE is an ultra-light harness, evolved from the RACE PRO model, which is the most extreme version used by Woody Valley competitors in major hike & fly competitions.

                                      We managed to create this product with the help of Aaron Durogati and many other pilots who flew extensively in this harness and provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions.

                                      RACE is suitable for hike & fly pilots, bivouac flying, and XC.

                                      Price zł8,600.00

                                        NEO LITE BAG (30-50-70-90 liters)

                                        Name: Lite Bag

                                        Accessory: ultra-light rucksack

                                        Type: ergonomic, excellent strength to weight ratio with its exclusive Dyneema fabric. Water-bottle holders, stick-holder.

                                        Volume: 30 litres / 50 litres / 70 litres / 90 litres

                                        Weight: 430 gr / 685 gr / 740 gr / 750 gr

                                        Colour: light grey

                                        Fabric and Materials: high tenacity and high resistance to abrasion Ripstop Dyneema / Polyamide fabric, YKK zippers, Lycra, Spacer, Hypalon

                                        Materials: origine Europe

                                        Manufacturing: France

                                        Price zł1,330.00

                                          Kortel reversible ballast sak

                                          Reversible ballast sak

                                          The Sak Ballast Reversible allows you to easily carry your ballast or other belongings in competition. Reversible, it allows to store the ballast directly in the pocket of the Kanibal Race II and to take out the drain hose.


                                          Ballast sak. Small 2-strap backpack

                                          Ballast carrier bag

                                          Suspension hooks for frontal carrying

                                          Outlet Drain pipe

                                          Compression straps

                                          Suspension straps

                                          Possibility to hang the sak in the frontal position


                                          Volume: 8L

                                          Weight: 300g

                                          (delivered without the water bag)

                                          Price zł280.00

                                            STODEUS BlueBip

                                            BALANCE BETWEEN PRECISION AND SIMPLICITY

                                            Stodeus BlueBip is an ultra-lightweight audio system with Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, it automatically connects to your smartphone or tablet upon activation, providing ultra-precise flight information.

                                            Equipped with high-precision sensors, it measures the immediate value of Vz, barometric altitude, glide ratio, and much more.

                                            Fitted with a SunPower solar panel, it continuously charges, ensuring over 100 hours of autonomy.

                                            With Instant Vario technology (immediate vario) and refined sounds, it offers an intuitive and enjoyable flight experience, and its powerful configurator allows you to customize it to your own preferences.

                                            Produced in France with over 10 years of experience and innovation, BlueBip is an essential tool for paragliders looking for simplicity and reliability.

                                            Price zł829.00

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