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Price zł11,870.00


    STING RS – just fly!

    Simply take an evening flight around and over your own home. Climb to the clouds after take-off in the flatlands and enjoy a serene glide with the engine switched off – the STING RS makes your dreams come true!

    The STING RS is a comfortable and simple dual-purpose ppg-glider, that will accompany your flying career from the first training lessons to a licensed recreational/XC pilot.

    The STING RS is primarily made for foot launch.

    But the STING RS also cuts a great figure, whether you’re on holiday in the mountains or on the coast, due to its excellent free flight characteristics. Combine this with its certification level and the Sting RS will afford you a safe introduction to thermal flying or coastal soaring.

    Suitable for paramotor and free flight

    Usable for training without restrictions

    RAST – more control and comfort

    DGAC registration and EN/LTF certified (classification A/B) 

    Price zł14,490.00


      MIURA RS

      …one glider, two classes!

      The best paraglider is whichever one is best suited to the particular pilot.

      We developed the MIURA RS for ambitious pilots who are looking for a glider with excellent properties in thermal flight, which they can use to perfect their skills over a number of years.

      Already in the development phase the XC-Allrounder became the absolute favorite glider of our test pilots with its direct and precise handling.

      The challenge we faced when developing the MIURA RS was to create a glider with enough performance for ambitious beginners to be able to get into thermalling and cross-country flying, but which still had the feeling of safety and comfort during flight found in a basic intermediate wing.

      As soon as we had tested the first prototypes, we knew that the MIURA RS was more than just an ordinary basic intermediate glider. Performance and handling reveal B category genes but, with moderate use of the speed system, its behavior in terms of safety is consistent with that of a glider in the A category.

      For this reason we decided to have the MIURA RS certified twice: firstly as an A category glider suitable for training, and secondly as a basic intermediate with its benefits of the extended speed range. This is possible by adding or unmounting the speed limiter, which pilots can do themselves in just a few seconds.

      If you decide to buy the MIURARS, you don’t have to choose one or the other!

      Price zł14,280.00

        UP RIMO


        Get started!


        For a paraglider pilot, the first wing is probably the most important. On the one hand, it should be safe and simple. On the other hand, it should also be agile, fun, and the best possible entry into the world of free-flying. When developing the Rimo, the focus was balanced between simplicity and sophisticated technological features. 

        Our new mid-A wing is a combination of forgiving handling, high passive safety, and just the right amount of maneuverability and performance for maximum fun right from the start!

        Price zł13,500.00

          UP Mana 2

          MANA 2

          Easy! Light!


          The Mana² is, as its name suggests, the second generation of our ultra-light fun-guarantor! The Mana² is extremely versatile and its tiny pack size and light weight make it the best companion for all kinds of adventures!

          - Very low canopy weight; this not only increases comfort, but also significantly improves launch behavior and offers increased safety in flight.

          - New Generation Airfoil (NGA), Mini Ribs, Air intake pockets (AIP) and 3D shaping of the individual cells optimize the airflow and have a stabilizing and performance-enhancing effect.

          - Reduced line system for easy line sorting and less drag

          Price zł14,900.00

            UP DENA

            UP DENA

            Dena is our new EN-A + paraglider. It is an A-glider with very fine handling and outstanding performance in its class. 

            Thanks to the use of technological achievements from the development of higher class paragliders, we have achieved a masterpiece that sets a new standard.

            What's new?

            With the new Dena, we set the highest standards and use the best materials such as the durable Skytext Everlast in the leading edge. 

            The new UP glider now uses its own negative 3D panel shaping in the A-Class. 

            This ensures a clean leading edge even in accelerated flight, contributes to a considerable increase in performance, and it looks beautiful. 

            Since the development of our bestseller Meru from the competitive class, this technological advance has been a pioneer in paraglider development. In the Dena, we also use other features from the high-performance design that have been specifically optimized for the A-Class. These include uncovered gallery lines, 50 cells, optimized rod length in the leading edge, shark nose, hidden seams on the mini-ribs, 12mm wide risers, and reduced-resistance wingtips.

            Price zł15,600.00

              UP ASCENT 4

              ASCENT 4


              While constructing the new Ascent 4 our team focused on the thought, that flying should be great fun. Only pilots who feel save while flying will experience long-term pleasure. 

              The Ascent4 combines the high level of security of a typical EN-A glider with a good portion of fun to let the pilot thrive on safety and comfort.

              Due to the nice handling and the well-balanced combination of performance and agility, the Ascent 4 is not only a beginner glider but also the right partner for experienced, safety driven pilots.

              Price zł12,400.00

                NEMO 5

                Nemo 5

                The Nemo 5 is the latest version of our classic fun paraglider with even better performance, increased lateral stability and good maneuverability. 

                Perfect for free, winch or powered flight - always at the highest safety level. Its capabilities will satisfy most pilots for a long time after completion of their initial training, while preparing them for further development.

                What’s new?

                • the new internal structure is based on 3Y supports
                • greater lateral stability
                • thinner lines result in less drag
                • new risers with ball-bearing pulleys

                The changes in the new version of Nemo were aimed primarily at better in load distribution within the canopy.

                By changing the curvature of the wing, we obtained greater lateral stability, while maintaining good maneuverability compared to other wings in this class.

                For the main lines in A and B rows we used Dyneema lines, which, thanks to their high bending resistance, can be much thinner compared to their Technora counterparts. 

                The shrinkage effect of Dyneema has been minimized as these lines tend to be loaded the most. Thinner lines result in less drag which translates into better performance.

                Price zł11,656.00



                  Double skin paraglider with 3-1 system. Light and pleasant, with good performance

                  Hike&Cruise is a very light double-skin paraglider for Hike&Fly, bivouac flights, and also as a main wing for free flying.

                  With a wide speed range, light weight and precise, agile steering, the Hike&Cruise is a great choice for pilots seeking a unique experience in the air.

                  It is a handy wing that can be packed into a small bag, easy to climb with and descend, or make a longer flight using thermals.

                  This paraglider features the 3-to-1 technology, ensuring good performance and low weight of the canopy, which in turn makes the wing a great fun to fly.

                  Price zł19,360.00

                    Marlin Mono - training wing only

                    Marlin Mono

                    A single-skin fun and training wing. 

                    Supplements training in too windy or too quiet days, and integrates family and friends in the common play on the nearby lawn. At the same time it is durable and affordable.

                    The wing is small, light and easy to use. The control system, risers and line colors are the same as in the Nemo 4 school wings, which will facilitate their mastering at later training stages.

                    Price zł4,540.00

                      Marlin 2 - for grundhandling only

                      Marlin 2

                      You are learning to fly. You are a part of an organised group, but it still takes up a lot of your time because there is much waiting for proper weather conditions. With too much wind you can't control your paraglider, pulling you up and around. 

                      The instructor has to call a break since it's no good neither for you nor the canopy.

                      If only the winds were lighter… but there is nothing you can do about that. Or is it? What if you could find a much smaller wing, behaving much as a standard one, yet safe to launch in these conditions? And not causing such a stress when dragged through pools and mud nearby?

                      We have such a wing for you and your instructor. It’s called MARLIN 2 – a dedicated training wing.

                      Price zł5,870.00

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