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Easy to launch without overshooting

RAST for more control and comfort

Color-coded hook-in loops and brake handles

Suitable for training



Who is the MITO for?

The MITO is the result of a combination of innovative ideas, modern technologies and solid development work, based on decades of experience in paraglider construction. 

The goal: to build a paraglider that beginners and less experienced pilots can rely on 100% and that offers a lot of flying fun without being too demanding.


RAST - for maximum control

On paragliders with RAST® the canopy is divided into different internal pressurized sections by one or more fabric panels, some with valves running crossways to the direction of flight. 

This makes it possible to influence the air flows within the canopy.

Mini ribs - for homogeneous training edge

Ballooning on the trailing edge has a considerable influence on a paraglider's control pressure and handling. 

That's why, with the MITO, ballooning in this area was reduced to a minimum using 3D shaping, in addition to the tried and tested mini ribs. 

The trick here is that the mini ribs have internal stitching on the top surface so that none of the threads can get caught up on the ground and pulled out, even when launching in difficult terrain.

3D shaping - for optimized aerodynamics

The targeted control of tension by 3D shaping at the leading edge of the upper sail has become standard in paraglider construction. 

This is in order to make the airflow-relevant areas as crease-free as possible. 

Depending on the model, 3D shaping is either single or double in its construction.

We have supplemented the standard shaping with another 3D shaping at the leading edge to optimize the aerodynamic effect of the miniribs.

Simple line concept - for good sortability

To ensure ease of organization of the lines and to keep the riser as clear as possible, all line galleries from the sail are combined on only three riser levels.

An intelligent line mix of state-of-the-art materials guarantees durability and length stability with minimal drag.

Colored risers connections - for minimized risk of confusion

To avoid mistakes when attaching the harness, the attachment loops are color-coded. This means you can see at a glance whether the risers are correctly attached to the harness.

Technical Specification:

Size XS S M L
LTF / CEN Homologation A A A A
Permissible weight range (kg) min./max. including equipment 55-80 70-95 85-110 100-130
Cells 34 34 34 34
Wing area projected (m²) 23 26 29 32
Wing area (m²) 19,9 22,5 25,1 27,7
Wing span (m) 10,5 11,2 11,8 12,4
Projected wing span (m) 8,6 9,1 9,6 10,1
Aspect ratio 4,9 4,9 4,9 4,9

Projected aspect ratio

Glider weight (kg)

Min. Sink rate (m / s)

Max speed (km / h)

Trim speed (km / h) **




47 ± 2

38 ± 1




47 ± 2

38 ± 1




47 ± 2

38 ± 1




47 ± 2

38 ± 1