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Brave 4


…whatever you want!

You’re sure to be impressed by the Brave 4, which features the modular Brave ZIPON System, making it the quick-change artist among convertible harnesses.

It takes just a matter of seconds to adapt the Brave 4 for your particular purpose, whether it’s ground handling, speed riding, speed flying, hike&fly or paragliding. It’s light in weight, but it still has impressive comfort and durability, and a sleek, minimalist design in whatever mode it is used.

The Brave 4 airbag module is unique for this category of harness. It is attached at seven points, thus forming, together with the harness module, an LTF-certified, compact unit. Its damping values are excellent for this class and compare well with modern standard harnesses.

Optional airbag for maximum safety

High agility through separate leg straps

Versatile concept in a modular system

Price zł2,850.00

    Connect Race Lite

    Cross-country flying is one of the supreme disciplines in the sport of paragliding. There is no greater freedom for pilots than to begin their flying adventures from remote launch sites, which often can only be reached on foot. The sporty and elegant Connect Race Lite can be used as a comfortable cross-country harness whatever your plans.

    It is light enough for extended hike and fly trips, and its construction and the materials used guarantee durability and easy handling both on the ground and airborne. The protector options and removable seat board allow you to optimize the Connect Race Lite according to your particular needs and purpose.

    Price zł7,300.00



      …even better!

      The CONNECT REVERSE 3 with the Deuter® carrying system “Alpine Back” and many new features!

      The third generation of the classic CONNECT REVERSE is available in four sizes, instead of the three sizes there have been previously. This makes it even more comfortable for pilots, since the geometry for the different sizes could be further refined. 

      The well-proven design of this popular convertible harness was retained in principle, but a number of aspects were improved e.g. simplified conversion, speed bar retractor and trekking pole loops.

      The optional new LIGHTSHIELD provides additional protection for the upper back area and, together with the airflow-independent airbag, forms a protective shield around the pilot’s back for better protection.

      The “Alpine Back” carrying system made by backpack specialist Deuter® is of course used in the CONNECT REVERSE 3 as well, which guarantees unequaled carrying comfort. 

      The CONNECT REVERSE 3 harmonizes perfectly with the new generation of RAST gliders with its ideal balance between comfort and agility, making it the number one choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable harness for extended hike & fly tours, travelling or simply for everyday flying.

      Alpine Back” carrying system from German backpack specialist Deuter®

      Harmonizes perfectly with the new RAST glider generation through a balance between comfort and agility

      Four instead of three sizes and optimized geometries for greater seating comfort

      Price zł4,650.00

        LIBRA RS

        LIBRA RS

        ...the game-changer!

        Based on the successful and proven genes of our SPHERA RS, the LIBRA RS is a semi-light and easier-to-pilot version of our high-performance glider.

        With an aspect ratio of 6.9 and a canopy weight starting from 3.7 kg, the LIBRA RS is one of the finest gliders in the new EN-C 2-Liner class. Despite our initial disbelief while reviewing the test flight results, due to them being so good, it is important to note that the LIBRA RS is designed for experienced Pilots who seek the highest performance levels in their flying equipment.

        The LIBRA RS offers you maximum reliability and safety in the new EN-C 2-Liner league, allowing takeoffs and landings in difficult terrain, or when there is less-than-optimal wind conditions. During flight, RAST ensures high stability and precise tracking, guaranteeing fatigue-free flying over long distances even in demanding conditions.

        Like its “big brother,” the SPHERA RS, the LIBRA RS provides maximum control and comfort for an unparalleled flying experience.

        RAST for maximum control in every situation

        High performance 2-liner with the safety of EN-C class

        Semi-light,  compact design,

        and a canopy weight starting from 3.7 kg

        Who is the LIBRA RS for?

        We developed the LIBRA RS for experienced adventure and XC pilots seeking the performance of a 2-liner, without compromising on the safety of the EN-C sports class. With its intelligent, semi-light, and compact design, the LIBRA RS is robust enough for extended hike & XC fly tours as well as daily use. RAST also provides maximum control in every situation, allowing you to make the most out of your flying day.

        Price zł19,900.00

          SERAC RS

          SERAC RS

          ...let´s fly together!

          Versatility is a key that opens the door to freedom – the SERAC RS is a versatile all-rounder that covering everything you need for your next adventure

          We have developed the SERAC RS for paraglider pilots who are also hikers, mountaineers, explorers, adventurers or simply outdoor enthusiasts and who want to flexibly organise their day alone, with friends or with the family.

          With a canopy weight starting at 3 kg, this super-light mid-level B-wing, offers adventurous pilots all the freedom they need for spontaneous flying. It will impress with its easy handling, combined with very good performance and excellent climb capabilities.

          This is made possible by our patented RAST system. This is not only responsible for the increase in passive safety, but also gives the Serac RS the necessary stiffness and compact feeling, otherwise only associated with paragliders with significantly more cells.

          The consistent mix of super-light high-tech materials in less stressed areas and more robust material in more stressed sections, reduces the weight and packing volume to a minimum, without the SERAC RS losing its suitability for everyday use.

          The Serac RS is your ideal partner, with a high feel-good and fun factor for all your flying ambitions, whether travelling, hike & fly, soaring, cross country or simply a chilled evening flight on your local site.

          Lightweight glider for everyday use starting from 3kg

          Simple and versatile!

          RAST for more control and comfort 

          Suitable for training 60%

          Thermal and fun flying 100%

          Hike & Fly 100%

          Who should fly the SERAC RS?

          The SERAC RS is an uncomplicated paraglider in the mid-level B class. Due to its versatility the SERAC RS is ideal as your future-proof first paraglider, offering a wide spread of possibilities.

          Price zł16,800.00


            Sherpa Backpack "Sherpa"

            The Swing Sherpa packing bag is available in two sizes (L and XL) and is included in the delivery of most Swing paragliders.

            The standard backpack, L being 130 litre and the XL is a whopping 200 litre. Basically the large will be sufficient for most, unless you have a big competition harness or simillar, in which case the XL has it covered.

            Special Features of the Sherpa

            Side handles for comfortable lifting

            Padded shoulder straps and backrest

            Removable hip belt

            Additional sewn fixation strap inside the backpack for holding the wing or harness in place

            Load area for small parts easily accessible in the upper part of the backpack

            Compression straps for optimized adjustment of the volume

            Further side and top pockets

            Reflective stripes for better visibility in darkness

            Integrated compression possibility for small storage in the harness

            Price zł720.00

              SPHERA RS

              SPHERA RS

              …XC 2-liner secured by RAST!

              Experience the revelation that is the pure performance of a 2-liner combined with the flight comfort and control of RAST!

              With the Sphera RS, our patented RAST system enters the high-performance class for the first time by offering a completely new flying experience. It has never been easier and so comfortable to pilot a 2-liner and to exploit its full performance potential. That’s why the Sphera RS is the first choice for ambitious XC pilots as well as aspiring competition pilots who want to enter the 2-liner class and raise themselves to a higher level. 

              RAST helps you to focus completely on your flying task in order to get the most out of the day.

              Uncomplicated XC  2-liner for highest demands

              RAST® for maximum control in every situation

              High-End Design

              Accessibility 100%

              Cross country flying 100%

              Serial-Class Competition 100%

              We first put RAST in our paragliders that were certificated A through to C and it soon proved its worth in practice. Therefore it was a logical step to think that it should also have unique advantages to offer pilots of 2 liners too.

              We first put RAST in our paragliders that were certificated A through to C and it soon proved its worth in practice. Therefore it was a logical step to think that it should also have unique advantages to offer pilots of 2 liners too.

              We suspected that in regards to canopy control, especially when there are only two sets of lines, it would be reassuring for the pilot to know there was a unique element between the line levels that stabilised the canopy and counteracted the spread of any canopy deformations.

              Price zł19,900.00

                STING RS

                STING RS – just fly!

                Simply take an evening flight around and over your own home. Climb to the clouds after take-off in the flatlands and enjoy a serene glide with the engine switched off – the STING RS makes your dreams come true!

                The STING RS is a comfortable and simple dual-purpose ppg-glider, that will accompany your flying career from the first training lessons to a licensed recreational/XC pilot.

                The STING RS is primarily made for foot launch.

                But the STING RS also cuts a great figure, whether you’re on holiday in the mountains or on the coast, due to its excellent free flight characteristics. Combine this with its certification level and the Sting RS will afford you a safe introduction to thermal flying or coastal soaring.

                Suitable for paramotor and free flight

                Usable for training without restrictions

                RAST – more control and comfort

                DGAC registration and EN/LTF certified (classification A/B) 

                Price zł14,490.00

                  SWING - TWIN RS 2 - TANDEM

                  TWIN RS 2

                  …passionate about tandem flying!

                  Bringing passion and joy to something will produce the best results.

                  Our new TWIN RS 2 was developed by an experienced team of professional tandem pilots. Their goal was to create a completely reliable piece of equipment for daily use, which can be relied on 100% from launch through to landing.

                  We have optimised our tried and tested RAST system specifically for the particular demands of tandem flying.

                  It helps you deal confidently with even challenging situations and gives your passenger a safe and unforgettable flying experience.

                  And because we believe that work should also be fun, the TWIN RS 2 is equipped with playful and effortless handling, which guarantees good times.

                  Price zł17,430.00

                    Swing Arcus 2 RS

                    ARCUS 2 RS

                    …experience your next level!

                    Achieving new levels of flying without overreaching yourself – that was precisely our goal in developing the ARCUS 2 RS.

                    The ARCUS 2 RS is based on the very successful and proven NYOS RS. 

                    With a little less aspect ratio, a new, resilient material mix and a lot of attention to detail, we have completely revised the design and adapted it to pilots who feel most comfortable in the mid-B segment. 

                    With a full 57 cells, the elegant wing already visually underlines its performance claim, but the compact flight feeling immediately conveys familiarity with a high feel-good factor and promises pure flying fun.

                    Powerful mid-level B wing with 57 cells

                    Durable and lightweight material mix

                    RAST for more control and comfort




                    Price zł16,170.00

                      Swing Concertina Protection Bag II

                      Concertina bag for gentle packing of the glider

                      Lightweight concertina bag with integrated compression straps.

                      The latest and lightest version of our concertina bag. 

                      Coming as standard with the purchase of a new wing, the latest version of our concertina bag is the lightest yet and comes with all the usual refinements you would expect from a bag of this style

                      While placing an order, pleasu choose size:

                      • 260
                      • 290
                      • 320
                      Price zł450.00

                        Swing Fast Packing Bag

                        SWING FAST PACKING BAG

                        First, the Swing Paragliding fast packing bag offers a comfortable shoulder carrying system.

                        The inside riser bag and a double lacing ensure optimum operability.

                        While wearing the padded shoulder system in connection with ultra-light materials (1040g) it provides you a comfortable feeling, especially for your back.

                        In addition, the stuff bag capacity makes it very flexible for different purposes.

                        For example, the Swing stuff bag can be used with a solo paraglider or tandem wing. The bag fits the appropriate size and can be compressed easily with the compression straps on the side.

                        The Swing bag can accommodate all your paragliding gear including your paraglider, harness, accessories, variometer, helmet.

                        Price zł590.00

                          SWING HELIOS RS

                          HELIOS RS

                          …the spirit of cross country!

                          The name HELIOS is a tribute to the sun, which is what makes cross-country flights and flying adventures possible in the first place.

                          Helios RS is the name of our new C-class lightweight performance glider. With the Helios RS we have addressed the dogma that more performance means a less comfortable flight. With its unique construction, lightweight no longer needs to mean there will be a sharp drop off in performance over time.

                          Helios RS is the name of our new C-class lightweight performance glider. With the Helios RS we have addressed the dogma that more performance means a less comfortable flight. With its unique construction, lightweight no longer needs to mean there will be a sharp drop off in performance over time.

                          Even during its development phase, the XC all-rounder became our test pilots’ absolute favorite wing with its direct and precise handling.

                          Having a lightweight glider with the Helios RS level of performance, low pack volume, combined with incredible comfort will encourage you to experiment with alternative launch sites and new routes away from the beaten track. And should conditions ever become more demanding, the HELIOS RS is very easy to control for a glider in the C-class, thanks to the RAST system.

                          Where the AGERA RS is designed for fast and uncompromising gliding, the HELIOS RS is a totally new and uniquely designed glider. The precision tool in the box, with agile and precise handling, happy in all conditions it will deal calmly and confidently with difficult situations, temperamental thermals and strong turbulence making it the perfect lightweight glider for all your adventures.

                          Price zł17,850.00

                            SWING MIRAGE 2 RS - miniwing

                            SWING MIRAGE 2 RS

                            …step up your game!

                            Extended range and better performance, without sacrificing the proven all-round characteristics and nature of the Mirage series – that was precisely our goal in developing the Mirage 2 RS!

                            Through meticulous R&D over a period of two years, our development team of passionate speedflying and speedriding pilots, has succeeded in extending the scope of the glide from “extremely steep” to the best glide performance, as well as the usable speed range, while retaining the character and safe feeling of its predecessor.

                            This is mainly made possible by a new, very stable performance profile, with Nitinol-reinforced leading edge in combination with our patented RAST system, which has been optimally adapted to the Mirage 2 RS.

                            The new, lightweight risers, equipped with Split-A Riser and a C-Bride, give you maximum control and precise steering over the entire trim range.

                            Extended range and glide performance for extremely steep lines and long swoops.

                            High stability over the entire angle of attack range, thanks to the new performance profile with RAST.

                            Maximum control and precise handling thanks to a new riser concept.

                            Price zł9,240.00

                              SWING MITO


                              Price zł11,870.00

                                SWING MIURA RS

                                MIURA RS

                                …one glider, two classes!

                                The best paraglider is whichever one is best suited to the particular pilot.

                                We developed the MIURA RS for ambitious pilots who are looking for a glider with excellent properties in thermal flight, which they can use to perfect their skills over a number of years.

                                Already in the development phase the XC-Allrounder became the absolute favorite glider of our test pilots with its direct and precise handling.

                                The challenge we faced when developing the MIURA RS was to create a glider with enough performance for ambitious beginners to be able to get into thermalling and cross-country flying, but which still had the feeling of safety and comfort during flight found in a basic intermediate wing.

                                As soon as we had tested the first prototypes, we knew that the MIURA RS was more than just an ordinary basic intermediate glider. Performance and handling reveal B category genes but, with moderate use of the speed system, its behavior in terms of safety is consistent with that of a glider in the A category.

                                For this reason we decided to have the MIURA RS certified twice: firstly as an A category glider suitable for training, and secondly as a basic intermediate with its benefits of the extended speed range. This is possible by adding or unmounting the speed limiter, which pilots can do themselves in just a few seconds.

                                If you decide to buy the MIURARS, you don’t have to choose one or the other!

                                Price zł14,280.00

                                  SWING NYOS 2 RS

                                  NYOS 2 RS

                                  …superior XC flying!

                                  The Nyos RS was once described as: “The Rolls Royce of the high-B class” in a highly acclaimed test report, because of its well-behaved flight characteristics.

                                  The development goal of the Nyos 2 RS was to combine this flight comfort with more performance and sportiness, and thus accomplish something extraordinary: Disproving the preconception that more performance and agility mean less comfort and control.

                                  Thus, the development of the Nyos 2 RS was driven by the philosophy of evolution, rather than revolution. We paid special attention to maintaining the proven characteristics of its predecessor, but by optimising the canopy and line drag, we were able to significantly increase maximum speed and performance on glide. The more agile and precise handling of the NYOS 2 RS – compared to its predecessor – noticeably improves its thermalling characteristics and is reflected in excellent climb performance. The tighter graduation of the weight ranges makes it easier for you to choose the ideal glider size.

                                  In a nutshell: The NYOS 2 RS offers performance-hungry cross-country pilots exactly that, plenty of high level performance with maximum flight comfort. All in a wing that behaves in a predictable manner and is easy to control, even in demanding conditions.

                                  More performance due to reduced line drag

                                  Durable semi-lightweight construction

                                  RAST – Maximum control in every situation

                                  cross-country flying 100%

                                  thermal and leisure flying 100%

                                  hike & fly 60%

                                  Who is the Nyos 2 RS for?

                                  Even though the Nyos 2 RS has inherited the high flying comfort of its predecessor and is easy to control, we recommend this wing for experienced intermediate pilots and ambitious cross-country hounds.

                                  Price zł16,800.00

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