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Versatility is a key that opens the door to freedom – the SERAC RS is a versatile all-rounder that covering everything you need for your next adventure

We have developed the SERAC RS for paraglider pilots who are also hikers, mountaineers, explorers, adventurers or simply outdoor enthusiasts and who want to flexibly organise their day alone, with friends or with the family.

With a canopy weight starting at 3 kg, this super-light mid-level B-wing, offers adventurous pilots all the freedom they need for spontaneous flying. It will impress with its easy handling, combined with very good performance and excellent climb capabilities.

This is made possible by our patented RAST system. This is not only responsible for the increase in passive safety, but also gives the Serac RS the necessary stiffness and compact feeling, otherwise only associated with paragliders with significantly more cells.

The consistent mix of super-light high-tech materials in less stressed areas and more robust material in more stressed sections, reduces the weight and packing volume to a minimum, without the SERAC RS losing its suitability for everyday use.

The Serac RS is your ideal partner, with a high feel-good and fun factor for all your flying ambitions, whether travelling, hike & fly, soaring, cross country or simply a chilled evening flight on your local site.

Lightweight glider for everyday use starting from 3kg

Simple and versatile!

RAST for more control and comfort 

Suitable for training 60%

Thermal and fun flying 100%

Hike & Fly 100%

Who should fly the SERAC RS?

The SERAC RS is an uncomplicated paraglider in the mid-level B class. Due to its versatility the SERAC RS is ideal as your future-proof first paraglider, offering a wide spread of possibilities.

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Where legal regulations allow, it is also conceivable for talented students to use towards the end of the training, provided the flying school is appropriately oriented towards Hike & Fly.


RAST® - for maximum control

On paragliders with RAST® the canopy is divided into different internal pressurised sections by one or more fabric panels, some with valves running crossways to the direction of flight. This makes it possible to influence the air flows within the canopy.

With RAST, the air equalisation flows within the paraglider canopy can be regulated through defined openings. This applies both when filling,(during take-off) and when emptying. In the case of pressure loss, e.g. caused by canopy collapse in turbulent air, the relative internal pressure of the CORE section increases, while the BUFFER section absorbs the introduced energy by deformation. Furthermore, RAST can be used as an additional support to the leading and trailing edge, which has a positive effect on flight comfort. As RAST connects the ribs over the entire profile height, the construction has a stiffening effect and reinforcements and/or stiffening elements can be saved or even completely replaced by this special construction method.

In the SERAC RS, RAST has been optimised for the following characteristics:

Very easy and steady wind-up behavior with no tendency to overshoot and no tendency to lever out. The SERAC RS literally “parks” above the pilot

High canopy stiffness with reduced internal volume

Maximum flight stability and control even for less experienced pilots in turbulent air

Intelligent lightweight design – lightness for everyday use

This new approach for the design of the SERAC RS uses far fewer internal components.

This was possible because of the innovative way we combined the use of reinforcement tape and diagonal rib-tapes,by the optimisation of the line geometry and the positioning of the RAST system.

In doing so, we have set a high value on durability. For example, the top sail of the leading edge, which is subjected to more stress, is made of a paragliding nylon cloth with a stronger base fabric than for the rest of the canopy, which is subjected to less stress. A particularly low-stretch material has been used for the profiles and the positions of the cross-ports have been optimised in elaborate spiral tests to help prevent irreversible over-stretching of the ribs.

This means that the SERAC RS can withstand the normal stresses of everyday flying, despite its low weight and minimal packing volume.

Nitinol Wires - for maximum profile stability with minimum weight

Nitinol is a high-strength, temperature- and corrosion-resistant shape memory alloy. The name Nitinol is an acronym for Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory.This material is well-known in medical technology, and for a long time Swing has been using it as leading edge reinforcement in paraglider design, one of the first paraglider manufacturers to do so.

In the SERAC RS, the Nitinol reinforcements are inserted into nylon tubes. This has made it possible to increase the cross-section – and thus the contact area for the topsail material – without having to sacrifice the positive benefits (resistance to deformation, length and dimensional stability) of the memory material. The leading edge is therefore less sensitive to premature abrasion and keeps its shape over the long term.

Miniribs - for a homogeneous trailing edge

Ballooning on the trailing edge has a considerable influence on a paraglider’s control pressure and handling. Miniribs split the cell spacing in half in this area, reducing ballooning for a more homogeneous trailing edge.

The trick here is that the mini ribs have internal stitching on the top surface so that none of the threads can get caught up on the ground and pulled out, even when launching in difficult terrain.

3D-shaping - for optimised aerodynamics

The targeted control of tension by 3D shaping at the leading edge of the upper sail has become standard in paraglider construction. This is in order to make the airflow-relevant areas as crease-free as possible. Depending on the model, 3D shaping is either single or double in its construction.

We have supplemented the standard shaping with another 3D shaping at the leading edge to optimise the aerodynamic effect of the miniribs.

Pro Dry Aramid-Lines – maximum performance with low weight and easy handling

In the SERAC RS we are using the latest generation of unsheathed aramid lines. The special Pro Dry coating reduces the moisture absorption of the line by -60%, and also increases both the UV resistance as well as the dirt resistance.

The lines are easily visible and easy to sort even without a sheath due to their magenta, blue and orange colouring. The high rigidity of the line material leads to a reduction in the formation of knots during use.

Colored Riser Connections - for minimized risk of mistake

To avoid mistakes when attaching the harness, the attachment loops are colour-coded. This means you can see at a glance whether the risers are correctly attached to the harness.


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