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Winch release - DUDEK

Winch release
The winch release to disconnect from the line is split into two parts, which means that after disconnecting from the tow, we will have two separate parts attached to our carabiners. The latest model was made according to the idea of ​​well-known pilot and trainer Kamil Antkowiak.
The rope release has been tested. The new release mechanism has a low frictional resistance and is easier to install. The release handle is getting closer and closer, making it easier to reach by pilot.
Price zł150.00



     The “Anti-G” drag parachute is a safety device that allows safer spiral descents by reducing the G force in a spiral dive. This system is very simple to use and works with any type of glider.

     To attach Anti—G to X-Rated 6, a special pocket has been designed, passing from right to left, with a karabiner inside used to attach the

    bridle of the small drag chute. This pocket is at the bottom behind the seat; it is easy for the pilot to find as it is located just above the air inlets

    on the side of the harness. 

    To properly use the drag parachute, simply open the zipper on the right or left (depending on which side you intend

    to spiral), extract it, and deploy it before initiating the spiral. 

    The advantages of using it are a higher sink rate and up to a 40% reduction in G-Force. 

    You can descend in spiral and then disable the drag chute using the handle and land as normal with the Anti-G parachute deployed (butdisabled). 

    Otherwise, once exiting the spiral, you need to disable it and then put it back in its pocket and close the pocket zipper. At this point it is

    ready to be used again.


    To ensure correct use of the “Anti-G” parachute it is important that you carefully read and understand the instructions included in the parachute manual.

    The “Anti-G” braking parachute is optional equipment and can be purchased separately

    Price zł750.00

      Finsterwalder UNILOCK paragliding carabiner (pair)

      Finsterwalder UNILOCK paragliding carabiner (pair)

      Ultralight, universal paragliding carabiner

      With a weight of only 45 g and a breaking load of more than 25 kN, the UNILOCK is currently the lightest and at the same time most loadable paragliding carabiners on the market.

      In the fatigue test, it endured 2.000 load cycles with an upper load of 252 DaN and subsequently 5 min. load cycles with an upper load of 115,4 DaN. The UNILOCK thus achieves a fatigue strength of 5 years in mono use.

      Overview of the Finsterwalder UNILOCK's most important features:

      • The snap gate turned by 45° facilitates the attachment to the harness.
      • The design in the shape of a “3” with a high stability against twisting.
      • The UNILOCK is suitable for both narrow and wide webbing.
      • The lower belt chamber has an extra support surface for the hip belt, which slightly raises its position. This has a positive effect on the comfort of the harness.
      • Red/green marking simplifies orientation when attaching the risers.
      • Gate play individually tested.

      Breaking load: 2.500 DaN

      Weight: 45 g

      Replacement interval: 5 years (mono)

      Price zł260.00

        Drag-chute anti-G Kortel Design


        Not just another anti-G on the market.

        The Kortel drag chute has a projected area of 1.6m² and a diameter of approximately 145cm.

        It is the largest drag-chute available on the market today, for greater efficiency in rapid descent manoeuvres.

        But above all, it has two power positions, allowing it to manage several planes of finesse in a straight line, in order to manage the proximity of an aerial surface or the ceiling while continuing to run.

        An exclusive hollow swivel limits the effects of rotation and maintains good sink and recovery characteristics, even after prolonged use.

        With a weight of 470g, it has been specially developed for the Kanibal race 2 with its central attachment. 

        This attachment improves the feel when the drag chute is deployed, stabilizing the harness in yaw and avoiding the jerks generated by a link attachment.

        As an indication, at 4G, we reached 12m/s drop rate without the drag-chute, and 20m/s with the drag chute deployed. It therefore allows a significant gain without having to withstand more G's.

        (Indicative values, may vary depending on the wing used and the temperature and pressure conditions).

        Projected surface area: 1.6m².

        Diameter: 145cm

        Weight: 470g

        Price zł999.00

          Kortel reversible ballast sak

          Reversible ballast sak

          The Sak Ballast Reversible allows you to easily carry your ballast or other belongings in competition. Reversible, it allows to store the ballast directly in the pocket of the Kanibal Race II and to take out the drain hose.


          Ballast sak. Small 2-strap backpack

          Ballast carrier bag

          Suspension hooks for frontal carrying

          Outlet Drain pipe

          Compression straps

          Suspension straps

          Possibility to hang the sak in the frontal position


          Volume: 8L

          Weight: 300g

          (delivered without the water bag)

          Price zł280.00

            Ronstan 55

            Ronstan 55

            Single pulley with soft shackle and hook


            Ultra light

            2-stage low-friction orbital ball bearing system

            The highest working load in its class

            Low profile

            Durable Dyneema® shackle, UV resistant

            Ball bearings

            Cheeks reinforced with nylon fiber

            Carbon fiber roll


            Roller Ø 55 mm

            max. Ø rope 10 mm

            MWL 500 kg

            BL 1000 kg

            Weight 75g

            Shipping cost included

            price per item

            Price zł250.00

              Ronstan 40 automatic capstan pulley

              Ronstan 40 automatic capstan pulley

              Single pulley with soft shackle


              The pulley provides a holding power of 14:1

              Fully automatic load-sensing pawl engagement

              Stainless steel swivel shackle provides unlimited pulley rotation

              Roller made of anodized aluminum

              Durable Acetal® ball bearings

              Cheeks reinforced with nylon

              Roller Ø 40 mm

              max. Ø rope 9 mm

              MWL 175 kg

              BL 500 kg

              Weight 35g

              Shipping cost included

              price per item

              Price zł330.00

                Ronstan 30

                Ronstan block 30


                BB Orbit Blocks™ are the lightest in the world. Thanks to extensive research and development works, virtually all metal elements have been replaced with technologically advanced polymers and their equivalents.

                Weight and size are further reduced in various block configurations. 

                Single ball bearing block with butterfly lock, has an intermediate ring connection. 

                Result? The lowest weight possible.

                Price zł90.00

                  Windsock Charly


                  Due to its size (ø 32 cm, length 125 cm) is visible from great distance and due to the colours (blue at the front, red at the back side) no danger of confusion of the wind direction.

                  Material: Robust and light Nylon Ripstop.

                  Please note: The windsock is delivered without tubing. Please do not forget to order the corresponding TUBING and an EARTH STAKE!

                  Price does not include shipment costs.

                  Price zł110.00

                    Charly Snaplock


                     Hang gliding and paragliding carabiner with conventional twist lock


                    Working load limit (air sports): 115 DaN* per carabiner

                    Drop-forged from Titanal, 76 g

                    Breaking load: 3 000 DaN

                    Breaking load, open gate: 2 000 DaN

                    Load without permanent deformation, open gate: 1 600 DaN

                    Inside height: 60 mm

                    Suitable for belt widths 25-30 mm, tucked in up to 45 mm

                    * 1 daN (Dekanewton) = 10 N (newton)  ≈ 1 kg

                    Price zł240.00

                      T-Bone Link

                      T-Bone Link

                      The T-Bone link is a Kortel Design exclusive!

                      All the advantages of the flexible connector (solidity, lightness, multi-axial work, longevity), integrating the brand new "Konnect " quick connection for 10g per unit.

                      With a breaking load of more than 2400daN, it can be used for all types of connections with support straps of less than 25mm.

                      Price for pair.

                      Price zł280.00

                        Soft link

                        Soft Link

                        Ultra-light flexible connector (10g per pair), it is ideal for all types of links that do not need to be handled regularly.

                        With a breaking load of over 2200daN, it can be used on many types of connections, whose support straps are less than 25mm.

                        RESTRICTION: Do not use on the tandem spreader link, or on any link related to the tandem reserve parachute.

                        Price zł160.00

                          Charly Paralock 3

                          The Charly Paralock 3 is a modern paragliding carabiner that offers numerous advantages and safety features. It can save lives in various dangerous situations.

                          This new generation carabiner is useful not only during emergency water landings and encountering strong ground winds. The quick-release function for the paraglider can also prevent the dangerous downplaning effect. This is a significant acceleration of the descent speed with an unfolded paraglider after deploying a rescue parachute.

                          Price zł799.00

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