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2-seat TANDEM

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K2-4 tandem

K2-4 tandem

Simply share your passion!

UP K2⁴

UP is happy to introduce the fourth generation of our tandem paraglider, the K2⁴. Both professional and private pilots have always valued the K2 series. 

"It flies like a solo glider" is the response from tandem pilots around the world. A characteristic that we naturally retained in the K2⁴. 

To make the successful model even better, we focused on the launching properties, the weight, and the optimal mix of materials for long-term professional use.

What's new?

The K2-4 ist equipped with several new technical features. First, the risers mow have an attachment for big ears, and they are made of a combination of 25 and 20mm webbings for maximum strenght and weight spare. 

Next, the new Snaplock brake handles make for easy and quick handling during countless take-offs and landings on the K2-4. Although we still rely on a four-line system to sort the lines as easy as possible, the lines are brand new, robust, and durable lines from Edelrid. We selected this high-quality material wo withstand the rigors of long-term use as well as possible. 

The negative 3D shaping, which comes from UP's 2-line development, ensures a clean leading edge even in high-speed flight, causing a considerable increase in performance. Finally, the upper material, the leading edge to the 50% of the chord, is constructed using double-coated Everlast from Porcher.With this innovation, UP improved significantely K2 durability while reducing the overall weight of the K2-4 by 700 grams to 7.7 kilograms.

After years of continuous development and positive innovations, we are proud to bring a worthy sucessor with the K2-4.

Price zł18,600.00

    ORCA 5

    Orca 5

    Orca 5 is a universal tandem of the EN B class with excellent performance. It takes off with ease, is easy and precise in steering, complete with smooth landing. It provides the highest passive safety level, with glide ratio similar to single-seaters.

    This is the first tandem with the LE3D technology applied!

    Design and purpose

    The wing is designed primarily for free flying with a passenger, but it will also prove its worth when powered by a paramotor – either foot-launched, or with a light paramotor trolley.

    In the four-row canopy with stiffening cores (Dudek Flexi Edge technology) we have used our latest system of additional cuts on the upper surface of the leading edge – LE3D (Leading Edge 3D). The surface of the cells in these areas now consists of three longish elements instead of one.

    Additional cuts minimize fabric wrinkling and more accurately reflect the designed shape of the aerodynamic profile in the crucial zones, where most lift is generated.

    Additional LE3D cuts minimize fabric wrinkling and more accurately reflect the designed shape of the aerodynamic profile in crucial zones where most lift is generated. At the same time drag is minimised; all in all the glide ratio of the wing is improved.


    Price zł21,989.00

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