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Frontcontainer - option

Frontcontainer - option

Carabineers included

Carabineers included

Pod (cocoon)

Pod (cocoon)

Back integrated container

Back integrated container

Side container - option

Side container - option

Container under seat - option

Container under seat - option

Footrest - option

Footrest - option



Protector 15cm

Protector 15cm

Protector 17cm

Protector 17cm



Ready-to-speeds. without pulleys

Ready-to-speeds. without pulleys

Speedsystem included

Speedsystem included




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Wani 3

We took a winner harness and improved it in every detail still keeping it absolutely fun to fly:

- New design

- Sturdier materials

- Two-step speed bar included

- Rigid polypropylene seat

- Two new colour combinations

- Self-inflating airbag protection

- Enhanced rescue parachute handle

- Redesigned rucksack

- Optional Lightshield back protection

Why choosing the new WANì 3?

•Exceptional comfort: Thanks to the rigid seat board and to the padded back that spread the pilot’s weight evenly.

•Very easy handling in flight: The Wanì 3 is stable and precise. It’s ideal for both beginners and more expert pilots thanks to its smooth handling. 

Weighing only 4,1 Kg, the Wanì 3 is great for Hike & Fly too.

•Safety without compromise Thanks to its strategic internal spring, the Wanì 3 airbag is always inflated and therefore ready to protect you from impacts.

Price zł4,400.00

    Wani Light 2

    A consistently lightweight harness with maximum safety for the hike & fly pilot

    The Wanì light 2 has been one of our best-selling harnesses ever, thanks to all the feedback and constructive criticism you have sent us we could successfully come up with its all-round improved successor equipped as follows:

    - New extra stable frame geometry

    - Improved size system for added comfort

    - New and more comfortable seatback

    - Two new colour combinations

    - Enlarged built-in parachute container under the seat

    - Bigger and revamped built-in rucksack

    - Optional Lightshield back protection

    - Two-step speed bar included

    - Rigid polypropylene seat

    Price zł4,000.00



      Compact, light, dynamic

      Here are some of its features:

      The Crest is a new harness weighing only 1.98 kg (size M). It is a reversible harness with a completely detachable rucksack. The Crest S and M come complete with a 55-liter rucksack, while the Crest L and XL with a 70-liter rucksack.

      - New color combination.

      - No seat board.

      - 4 sizes available.

      - Self-inflating Airbag protection.

      - Standard two-step light speed bar with foot elastic.

      - Leg strap loops in the main carabiners.

      - Built-in Recco safety system.

      - Completely detachable reversible rucksack included.

      Price zł3,600.00



        A simple, clean-designed and very safe harness, ideal for beginners.

        EXENSE is a harness designed specifically for novice pilots, and so we created a simple, cleanly-designed and safe product, which also provides comfort, with excellent detailing and finish.It is easy and quick to adjust, and so it is ideal for use on training slope by flying instructors.

        - Side pockets in elastic webbing;

        - The right-hand pocket includes a container specially designed for a radio;

        - The lower part of the harness is reinforced, for optimum resistance to abrasion against ground;

        - A whistle for attracting attention is built-in as part of the elastic chest strap buckle;

        - The reserve parachute is located beneath the seat;

        - High-visibility container on the right shoulder strap for the Security Card;

        Price zł2,740.00



          A simple, cleany-designed and very safe harness, ideal for beginners.

          EXENSE AIRBACK T-LOCK is a harness designed specifically for novice pilots, and so we created a simple, cleanly-designed and safe product, which also provides comfort, with excellent detailing and finish. It is easy and quick to adjust, and so it is ideal for use on training slope by flying instructors. 

          The Airbag is made under licence from Cygnus. It was incorporated into this harness to meet the demands of pilots who prefer efficient airbag protection, avoiding the necessity of bulky foam protection, and extending protection right up to the upper part of the back.

          The reserve parachute is located beneath the seat.


          High-visibility container on the right shoulder strap for the Security Card

          A whistle for attracting attention is built-in as part of the elastic chest strap buckle

          The left pocket includes a container designed specially for a radio

          Side pockets in elastic webbing

          Price zł3,000.00

            MK1 PRO

            MK1 PRO

            100% Acro DNA

            MK1 pro is designed and engineered for acro without compromising safety.

            It is the result of a development process that lasted over 3 years involving professional base jumpers and some of the best acro pilots in the world.

            Price zł11,000.00

              Woody Valley Race

              Woody Valley RACE is an ultra-light harness, evolved from the RACE PRO model, which is the most extreme version used by Woody Valley competitors in major hike & fly competitions.

              We managed to create this product with the help of Aaron Durogati and many other pilots who flew extensively in this harness and provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions.

              RACE is suitable for hike & fly pilots, bivouac flying, and XC.

              Price zł8,600.00

                GTO LIght 2

                GTO Light 2

                The GTO LIGHT 2 is the best you can find for Hike and Fly and Cross Country, now even safer and more versatile thanks to the adjustable ABS, the detachable windshield, More resistant elastic materials and the possibility to choose between the foam protection and the new inflatable protection.

                Revolutionized design

                New sturdier materials

                New closing system of the harness

                Three-step speed bar included

                New low-volume inflatable protection

                New and safer rescue handle

                New ABS system with harness stability control

                Optional windshield

                Light shield back protection

                Price zł6,300.00

                  X-Rated 7

                  X-Rated 7

                  A masterpiece.The inimitable performance harness.

                  X-Rated7 integrates a wide range of innovative technologies for easy handling, aerodynamics and comfort that make this harness among the most popular on the market.

                  Fully redesigned, X-Rated7 has overcome today’s limits, making possible what until now has been impossible.

                  By always listening to your suggestions, we have found a perfect balance between form and technology, developing the features that you can’t live without.

                  Foam protection containing 8 separate sectors.

                  Designed to achieve outstanding results while keeping its small thickness.

                  We do not compromise on safety.

                  Equipped with a consolidated forget-proof “Mini T-Lock” leg strap system.

                  Price zł8,700.00

                    Brave 4

                    BRAVE 4

                    …whatever you want!

                    You’re sure to be impressed by the Brave 4, which features the modular Brave ZIPON System, making it the quick-change artist among convertible harnesses.

                    It takes just a matter of seconds to adapt the Brave 4 for your particular purpose, whether it’s ground handling, speed riding, speed flying, hike&fly or paragliding. It’s light in weight, but it still has impressive comfort and durability, and a sleek, minimalist design in whatever mode it is used.

                    The Brave 4 airbag module is unique for this category of harness. It is attached at seven points, thus forming, together with the harness module, an LTF-certified, compact unit. Its damping values are excellent for this class and compare well with modern standard harnesses.

                    Optional airbag for maximum safety

                    High agility through separate leg straps

                    Versatile concept in a modular system

                    Price zł2,850.00

                      CONNECT REVERSE 3

                      CONNECT REVERSE 3

                      …even better!

                      The CONNECT REVERSE 3 with the Deuter® carrying system “Alpine Back” and many new features!

                      The third generation of the classic CONNECT REVERSE is available in four sizes, instead of the three sizes there have been previously. This makes it even more comfortable for pilots, since the geometry for the different sizes could be further refined. 

                      The well-proven design of this popular convertible harness was retained in principle, but a number of aspects were improved e.g. simplified conversion, speed bar retractor and trekking pole loops.

                      The optional new LIGHTSHIELD provides additional protection for the upper back area and, together with the airflow-independent airbag, forms a protective shield around the pilot’s back for better protection.

                      The “Alpine Back” carrying system made by backpack specialist Deuter® is of course used in the CONNECT REVERSE 3 as well, which guarantees unequaled carrying comfort. 

                      The CONNECT REVERSE 3 harmonizes perfectly with the new generation of RAST gliders with its ideal balance between comfort and agility, making it the number one choice for anyone looking for a durable and comfortable harness for extended hike & fly tours, travelling or simply for everyday flying.

                      Alpine Back” carrying system from German backpack specialist Deuter®

                      Harmonizes perfectly with the new RAST glider generation through a balance between comfort and agility

                      Four instead of three sizes and optimized geometries for greater seating comfort

                      Price zł4,650.00

                        Connect Race Lite

                        Cross-country flying is one of the supreme disciplines in the sport of paragliding. There is no greater freedom for pilots than to begin their flying adventures from remote launch sites, which often can only be reached on foot. The sporty and elegant Connect Race Lite can be used as a comfortable cross-country harness whatever your plans.

                        It is light enough for extended hike and fly trips, and its construction and the materials used guarantee durability and easy handling both on the ground and airborne. The protector options and removable seat board allow you to optimize the Connect Race Lite according to your particular needs and purpose.

                        Price zł7,300.00

                          STAY UP

                          NEO STAY UP

                          The StayUp is NEO’s latest technical offering, designed for XC pilots.

                          It provides an outstanding balance of weight and stability, weighing in at just 1.45kg. The StayUp’s unique pre-shaped seat allows the most relaxed position of any light harness on the market. The StayUp can be flown with or without the protection.

                          The StayUp has the same geometry as the NEO Suspender, which has become known for its stability and precision in turns.

                          The leg straps are equipped with manual NEO buckles.

                          The harness is 100% made in France, with materials specially developed by NEO and our suppliers, including ripstop Dyneema which is hyper-resistant to abrasion and tear, and exclusive to NEO. This ultralight pod harness includes the latest shock-absorbing technology: the removable NEO Koroyd 2.0 protection.

                          NAME: The StayUp

                          HARNESS: paragliding

                          TYPE: ultralight pod harness

                          GEOMETRY: classic ABS with 2 buckles and safety GetUp system

                          CONCEPT: preshaped seat to fly relaxed, with or without back protection

                          PROTECTION: NEO Koroyd 2.0: new innovative concept, 9cm thickness, LTF/CE certified, 340g

                          CERTIFICATION: EN1651 + LTF + CE

                          SIZES: XS – S – M – L

                          WEIGHT: 1,45kg without protection (size M) / 1,79kg with protection

                          RESCUE: front container and rescue bridles included

                          INCLUDED: 3-step light speedbar, front pocket

                          BUCKLES: manual 20mm Aluminum 2047 NEO

                          CARABINERS: automatic NEO AUSTRI ALPIN Rocket (64 g)

                          OPTIONAL: Lite NEO rucksack

                          MAIN MATERIALS: Dyneema cloth and webbing, Ripstop stretch polyamide, Hypalon

                          MATERIALS: Origine Europe

                          MANUFACTURING: France

                          Price zł8,080.00

                            NEO Stay Up 2.0

                            NEO Stay Up 2.0

                            The StayUp is back in an improved version but faithful to the virtues than earned it its reputation. It is still as resistant due to the exclusive ripstop Dyneema material used, which proved itself in the last 5 years.

                            This second version is the result of a close collaboration with  our ambassador, Max Pinot and Tim Alongi . We live and fly at the same spot, which makes creativity and the sometimes daily modifications easy. 

                            The StayUp 2.0 is very similar to the last Promodel used in the latest H&F races such as X-Alps, Bornes to Fly and X-Pyr, among others. In order to meet the demands of flying in these competitions, we redesigned the 3D shape of the  NEO seat for more comfort, stability, and precision in handling.

                            PHILOSOPHY OF THE STAY UP

                            The StayUp is a high-end light pod harness suitable for experienced pilots as well as for pilots new to pod harnesses.

                            Whether it is for demanding hike and fly competitions or for everyday flying at your local site, the resistance and weight of the StayUp make it the ideal companion. Since the first generation, we have always emphasized in comfort and a sitting position that allow pilots to relax, fly longer and more confident by eliminating the embellishments and appendixes that do not contribute to performance and the athlete, and make the harness heavier. Our ambassadors  are very mindful of their efficiency and  NEO's DNA is of the same caliber.

                            Price zł9,500.00

                              BODY 2.0

                              BODY. 2.0

                              Name: The Body 2.0

                              Harness: speedriding

                              Type: durable

                              Geometry: new NEO concept, independent legstraps with ABS

                              Concept: leg straps with buckles, easy ski position & seat transition

                              Certification: EN1651

                              Size / pilot size: S = 170cm, M = 165/180cm, L = 175/195

                              Weight: 1,460 kg (M size, with protection, without carabiners)

                              Back protection: Koroyd Propack

                              Accessory : Removable Body flying pad

                              Pockets: 2 side pockets, 1 zipped pocket, 1 large back pocket, 1 stretch pocket, 1 top pocket

                              Option: AUSTRI ALPIN Stratus Aluminium carabiners (58 g)

                              Main materials: Polyamide, polyester 3D mesh, PE foam, leather, NEO buckles

                              Manufacturing: made in France

                              Price zł3,280.00

                                STRING 3.0

                                STRING 3.0

                                TAKE IT EVERY TIME

                                EVERY WHERE

                                3rd generation of the String, the ultra-light paragliding harness from NEO. Ideal adventure partner for walking & flying, paralpinism, travel. 

                                Compact, light and comfortable, the String makes you forget yourself in the air as well as on the ground.

                                Harness: Paragliding / speedflying

                                Type: Ultra-light harness

                                Geometry: Leg straps ABS – NEO System

                                Concept: Ultra light harness, compact, comfortable and durable

                                Optional protection: String Airbag

                                Certification: EN1651 – 120 kg

                                Sizes: S – M – L

                                Weight (without carabiners) : 230 gr (S) – 240 gr (M) – 250gr (L) +/- 10 % weight production gap

                                Carabiners: Automatic NEO AUSTRIALPIN Rocket (64gr) optional

                                Options: String Airbag, Container, String speedsystem

                                Materials: Dyneema Ripstop, HMPE webbing, Hypalon, PE foam

                                Manufacture: France

                                Price zł1,950.00


                                  NEO BIKINI

                                  An ergonomic tandem harness designed for the comfort of professional tandem pilots

                                  NAME: Bikini

                                  HARNESS: paragliding tandem pilot

                                  TYPE: harness for professional pilots

                                  GEOMETRY: legs straps ABS

                                  CONCEPT: bucket seat

                                  PROTECTION: NEO Koroyd 3.0 (thickness: 8 cm, weight: 300 g)

                                  CERTIFICATION: EN + CE

                                  SIZES: S/M and M/L

                                  WEIGHT: 2.73 kg (S/M)

                                  RESCUE: back container

                                  BUCKLES: semi-auto Edelrid

                                  SETTING BUCKLES: NEO 20mm Aluminium 2047

                                  CARABINERS HARNESS/SPREADERS: AustriAlpin Stratus Aluminium (optional)

                                  INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: removable camera pocket, hook knife, helico kit

                                  OPTIONS: rigid or soft spreaders, inox auto block carabiners (wing/spreaders), rescue risers, stainless steel maillons rapid (wing/rescue)

                                  MAIN MATERIALS: Polyamide coated polyurethane Ripstop, Polyester/Polyamid fabric / Polyamid straps, Polyester 3D mesh, stretch Lycra/Filet sandwich, hypalon, leather, aluminium buckles

                                  MANUFACTURE: France

                                  Price zł6,540.00



                                    Fly and ride light, carry compact

                                    Name: Shorty

                                    Harness: paragliding / speedriding / speedflying

                                    Type: light harness/backpack

                                    Geometry:  ABS leg straps with front opening : NEO system

                                    Concept: original and exclusive NEO: non reversible harness/backpack

                                    Protection:  KOROYD Propack, 13 mm, CE1621-2 Level 1 certified, 150 g

                                    Optional protection: certified removable NEO Airbag

                                    Certification: EN1651 + LTF + CE1621-2 Level 1

                                    Size: S – M – L

                                    Weight: 1,48 kg (S), 1,50 kg (M), 1,54 kg (L)

                                    Volume: 65L

                                    Accessories: included KOROYD Propack back protection

                                    Buckles: manual NEO 20mm Aluminium 2047

                                    Carabiners: optional automatic NEO AUSTRIALPIN Rocket (64 g)

                                    Options: removable NEO airbag / Austrialpin Rocket Aluminium carabiners (64g) / NEO front container / Fidlock bottle (450 or 600 ml)

                                    Materials: Polyamide, Cordura, Mesh3D polyester, PE foam, NEO aluminium buckles, Leather

                                    Manufacturing: France

                                    Price zł3,990.00

                                      BODY PICTURE 2.0

                                      BODY PICTURE 2.0

                                      The ultimate sobriety: The wing and the rider become one.

                                      NEO integrated a speedriding harness to a Picture Organic Clothing ski suit. While designing this harness, NEO considered your safety: The Body Picture comes with an integrated CE certified back protection and offers an optional Airbag avalanche rescue backpack.

                                      The speedriding harness

                                      NEO is the only brand that developed a speedriding harness with a dedicated geometry specifically designed to favour the practice of skiing. Going from the sitting to standing positions becomes natural, fast and very easy. New this season, leg straps go into a sleeve for more comfort; they are to be donned and can be adjusted.

                                      The back protection

                                      The Body Picture 2.0 by NEO integrates a Koroyd EOP 2.0 back protection that is certified EN162-2 level 2 : it simply is the thinnest, lightest and more breathable back protection in the world.


                                      Price zł2,510.00



                                        The greatest happiness for the youngest pilotes

                                        Name : Babydoll

                                        Harness : children

                                        Geometry : ABS with legs’ straps

                                        Concept : legs’ straps with front opening (2 buckles)

                                        Certification : EN1651 / EC

                                        Sizes : S (3/6 years old) – M (6/10) – L (10/13)

                                        Color: Blue or pink

                                        Weight (without carabiners) : 0,9 kg (S) – 1,08 kg (M) – 1,3 kg (L); +/- 10%

                                        Rescue : front container – optional

                                        Option : Carabiners AUSTRI ALPIN Rocket (64 g)

                                        Option : kids spreaders

                                        Main materials : fabric and straps in Polyamide, Mesh3D polyester, PE foam, NEO aluminium manual buckles, leather.

                                        Materials: Origine Europe

                                        Manufacturing: France

                                        The babydoll is the first creation that NEO dedicates to children. It was designed for tandem flights as well as ground handling or even for solo flights. This true paragliding harness passed the same certification tes than adult harnesses and obtains the EN safety certification with an EC certified foam protection.

                                        Conceived in such a way that children can easily sit on their own by swinging back, the harness is easy to secure thanks to its 2 manual buckles, and easily adjustable to the different body sizes and shapes. Very confortable, available in 3 sizes, its geometry is adapted to a large range of body shapes depending on their ages: adjustable seat depth, lower hip strap, chest strap adjustable in height, side settings and general balance specific to each size. Its large stow-away back pocket makes the harness as convenient as any other harness.

                                        The Babydoll is available in 2 colours and can thus be ordered is either blue or pink.

                                        Price zł2,250.00

                                          POGO 4

                                          Pogo 4

                                          Pogo 4 is the latest version of our flagship harness designed for pilots flying cross country and competitions.

                                          It is currently one of the lightest harnesses in its class. It is very comfortable and equipped with everything necessary for very long flights or competition racing. Its compact design guarantees a perfect union of the pilot and the harness.

                                          During the design phase, Sławomir Kubiak the harness designer, devoted a lot of attention to refining the shape of the harness, especially its rear part. A harness of this class, apart from providing the pilot with the highest level of comfort, must also be carefully tuned aerodynamically, to minimize air resistance.

                                          Pogo 4 is an almost completely new project and has little in common with its predecessor, apart from the highest quality and name.

                                          The most important differences are:

                                          • improved comfort (especially of the backrest)
                                          • integrated container with space for two rescues as standard
                                          • container for a “G-chute”
                                          • enlarged cockpit with detachable glass and a pocket for a power bank
                                          • new arrangement of risers, offering higher suspension
                                          • enlarged ballast container
                                          • optimized footrest shape
                                          • Ronstan 30 pulleys installed for smoother speed system operation
                                          • Edelrid Alias II Speed carabiners, guaranteeing higher suspension of the footrest as well as the cockpit position
                                          • The pilot may choose to fly with or without a seat board
                                          • improved aerodynamics, especially of the rear part of the harness
                                          • dedicated radio pocket plus an additional one inside the harness
                                          Price zł9,280.00

                                            POWERSEAT LIGHT 2021

                                            POWER SEAT LIGHT

                                            When designing this harness, we took into account suggestions of

                                            our test pilots, as well as those of paramotor manufacturers and

                                            regular users. The goal of this project was to create a very light PPG


                                            We succeeded in achieving a weight of 2,4 kg in M size, which was possible due to extensive use of light and strong materials, like carbon fiber or Dyneema.

                                            The harness has two pockets: one on the side and one

                                            under the seat plate. The rescue parachute is placed in the side container. The container and the side pocket are interchangeable.

                                            PowerSeat Light is manufactured in three sizes: S, M and L. The adjustment range of the harness will fit all pilots. The harness straps system allows for effective control and full use of the paraglider’s capabilities.

                                            The harness is equipped as standard with ball-bearing Dudek Smart Pulleys. Optionally, Ronstan 20 and Ronstan 30 pulleys can be used instead.

                                            Harness certification: EN1651 i LTF 09.

                                            One colour scheme available.

                                            Price zł4,070.00

                                              SOUL 2021

                                              Soul 2021

                                              Light pod harness for XC pilots looking for some comfort coupled with small weight.

                                              Soul 2021 is a light and comfort harness designed for XC flights.

                                              Soul 2021 compared to its predecessor, it is basically a completely new harness – only its purpose is similar.

                                              The basic goal of this design was improving the pilot’s comfort in long flights, while keeping its small weight. Due to light materials the harness weighs just 3,5 kg in M size.

                                              Ventilated backrest and a new, ergonomic seat with profiled seatplate ensure maximum comfort during the flight.

                                              Large adjustment range makes sure that every single pilot will be able to find his/her optimum. Redesigned strap scheme brings great stability and significantly reduces danger of launching with leg/chest straps not locked properly. 

                                              The harness is equipped with a 15 cm thick, certified airfoam.

                                              Price zł7,160.00

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