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Woody Valley Race

Woody Valley RACE is an ultra-light harness, evolved from the RACE PRO model, which is the most extreme version used by Woody Valley competitors in major hike & fly competitions.

We managed to create this product with the help of Aaron Durogati and many other pilots who flew extensively in this harness and provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions.

RACE is suitable for hike & fly pilots, bivouac flying, and XC.

Type of protector
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Woody Valley
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Weight starting from 1.5 kg

4 sizes: S - M - L - XL

Available with two types of protection:

new semi-rigid type protector

new generation inflatable protector


New stabilization system

Thigh straps opening with buckles

Rescue container under the seat

Removable cocoon with a zipper

Three-step speedbar included

Easy and intuitive adjustments with buckles

Cockpit with pockets

Numerous available pockets

RECCO System

The RECCO® system emits a radar signal similar to flashlight light. When the radar signal hits a RECCO® reflector, it bounces back to the detector and guides the rescuer to the victim.

New stabilization system:

The new stabilization system, weighing only 89 grams, allows changing the harness geometry without having to take your hands off the brakes.

If you are not interested in using the stabilization system, we advise not to remove it but to simply store the lines in a special pocket.

New concept of protection

While developing the Race Pro (extreme version), we had to create a high-performance, super-light protector that would be as compact and streamlined as possible. This led to the concept of the new, semi-rigid protector (PRS), which was then applied in the Race model.

Considering the number of fans of inflatable protectors, we decided to keep it (as in GTO Light 2), but in its new version (IPE) made of lighter materials.

Semi-rigid protection (PRS) - New technology, super light

Inflatable protection (IPE) - 70% less voluminous after deflation

Rescue parachute container

Maximum capacity of the rescue parachute compartment: 5.6 liters (the same as our QUADRO 140 parachute)

Magnet on the rescue handle to keep it close to the harness.


Large side zipper pockets (2.8 l)

Inner side pockets (3.1 l)

Spacious bottom pocket (2.8 l)

Cockpit pockets (1.8 l)

Removable mesh pocket (0.5 l)

Spacious back pocket with a special container for telescopic trekking poles (15 l)

We recommend completing the set with the backpack: Alaska 30/65/75

The same backpack used in Red Bull X-Alps, but made of stronger material

Number of certification
Type of closing strap system
Type of protection
Inflatable Protection (IPE) with EN-LTF certification
Type of protection
Semi Rigid Protection (PRS) with EN certification
Rescue container (M size)
3600 - 5600 cm³
Working load
120 daN
Harness sizes
Pilot height
m < 1,70
m 1,67 - 1,79
m 1,76 - 1,88
m > 1,85
Only Harness weight*
1419 gr
1500 gr
1583 gr
1635 gr
Weight Semi Rigid Protection (PRS)
Presto disponibilee
195 gr
Soon available
Soon available
Weight Semi Rigid Protection (PRS)
Soon available
170 gr
Soon available
Soon available
Weight mesh pockets
16 gr (each)
16 gr (each)
16 gr (each)
16 gr (each)
Weight cockpit
48 gr
48 gr
48 gr
48 gr
Weight speed bar
gr 40
gr 40
gr 40
gr 40
Weight Stabilization system
89 gr
89 gr
89 gr
89 gr
Total Harness weight with PRS protection*
Soon available
1879 gr
Soon available
Soon available
Total Harness weight with IPE protection*
Soon available
1904 gr
Soon available
Soon available
Distance between carabiner and seat
44,5 cm
47 cm
49 cm
51 cm
Distance between carabiners
34-43 cm
36-45 cm
38-47 cm
39-48,5 cm
*Weight may vary by ± 2% due to variations in the weight of some materials.

Operating instructions

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