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What Paragliding Helmet to Choose?
Posted by   |  11/21/2023 00:00:00   |   0 Comments
What Paragliding Helmet to Choose?

Choosing the Perfect Paragliding Helmet

Choosing the perfect paragliding helmet is an important decision that requires considering various factors. GringoFly paragliding store can offer you three exceptional helmet models: NEO Hexagon, Charly No Limit i Charly Vitesse. In this article, we will compare their disadvantages and key advantages to help you make a choice.

Full Face Paragliding Helmet

Full-face paragliding helmets have their pros and cons, which are important to consider before making a choice.


  • Full Face Protection: They provide comprehensive protection for the face, jaw, and chin, which is especially important in case of accidents.
  • Protection Against Atmospheric Conditions: They protect the face from cold, wind, and direct sunlight.
  • Reduced Air Resistance: Their aerodynamic shape can help reduce air resistance during flight.
  • Integration with Visors: Often equipped with visors that provide eye protection and improved visibility.
  • Charly No Limit is adapted for mounting a speaker and microphone system.


  • Limited Ventilation: May be less ventilated than other types of helmets, causing discomfort, especially on warmer days.
  • Greater Weight: Usually heavier than open helmets, affecting comfort during longer flights.
  • Limited Audibility: The full-face design can make hearing and communicating with other pilots difficult.
  • Higher Cost: Typically more expensive than open or half-open helmets due to more advanced design and materials.

Paragliding Helmets without Jaw Protection


  • Lightness: Usually lighter than full-face helmets, increasing comfort, especially during long flights.
  • Better Ventilation: Offer better air circulation, beneficial on warm days.
  • Easier Communication: Lack of jaw protection facilitates speaking and hearing, useful during in-flight communication.
  • Visor Option: Visor provides eye protection from wind and sun and improves visibility.


  • Less Protection: Lack of lower face and jaw protection means less protection in case of a fall or impact.
  • Exposed Face: The face is more exposed to atmospheric conditions, such as cold wind or direct sunlight.
  • Less Protection: The open design means less protection from small objects or insects.

Comparison of Paragliding Helmets

Versatility vs Specialization: NEO Hexagon is a universal helmet, designed for various sports, including paragliding. Charly No Limit and Charly Vitesse are more specialized, with No Limit offering full face protection, and Charly Vitesse offering lightness and comfort.

Construction and Materials: All three models have a solid construction. NEO Hexagon uses ABS and EPS for protection, while Charly No Limit is distinguished by a reinforced aramid fiber shell. Charly Vitesse, on the other hand, offers lightness thanks to its inmold construction.

Comfort and Fit: All presented helmets have several sizes and necessary adjustments, equipped with soft linings for comfort. Open models have removable earmuffs for summer use.

Protection and Safety: Charly No Limit offers the greatest protection with its full-face design and reinforced shell. Charly Vitesse, being light, provides protection without limiting the field of vision. NEO Hexagon, although universal, offers solid impact protection.

Visors and Additional Options: Charly No Limit and Charly Vitesse offer optional visors with 100% UV protection and anti-reflective coatings. Charly Vitesse is distinguished by its lightweight visor, weighing only 34g.

Weight: NEO Hexagon weighs 530g, Charly No Limit 650g (plus visor 114g), and Charly Vitesse is a lightweight paragliding helmet, weighing from 380g to 480g, making it the lightest of the offered models. It can be a choice for Hike and Fly.

Which Helmet for Paragliding Flights? 

The choice of a paragliding helmet depends on individual needs and preferences. NEO Hexagon is a great choice for versatile athletes, Charly No Limit for those who value maximum safety, and Charly Vitesse for those seeking lightness and comfort. At GringoFly, we have a helmet suitable for every free-flying paraglider. We invite you to visit our store and choose the model that best suits your needs.

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