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Cross-country flying is one of the supreme disciplines in the sport of paragliding. There is no greater freedom for pilots than to begin their flying adventures from remote launch sites, which often can only be reached on foot. The sporty and elegant Connect Race Lite can be used as a comfortable cross-country harness whatever your plans.

It is light enough for extended hike and fly trips, and its construction and the materials used guarantee durability and easy handling both on the ground and airborne. The protector options and removable seat board allow you to optimize the Connect Race Lite according to your particular needs and purpose.


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Technology & Features


  • weight starting at 3.2 kg (depending on size and configuration)

  • choice of foam or inflatable protector

  • materials and seatboard suitable for everyday use



It's up to you. Choose between two certified protector options, the inflatable AIR protector for the lowest weight and smallest pack size, or the 16cm foam protector.


Straightforward and long-lasting. The speedbag can be removed so it can be easily replaced when it has worn out, which ensures that you will be able to enjoy your harness for a long time.



Fully integrated and detachable. The new Connect Race Lite has an aerodynamic and fully integrated cockpit that can also be detached so there’s no chance of your instruments being stolen.




Low resistance. The ultra-light tail trim surrounds your upper body to give the best possible aerodynamics. That means you can make the most of your glider.



Extremely light protection. The Lightshield back protection protects your back without adding too much weight.



Light and failsafe. The Connect Race Lite features the Get-Up system. This locking system ensures maximum service life by doing away with a complex mechanism, but is lightweight.



Maximum control. The removable seat plate gives you greater glider control and noticeably better canopy feedback.



Robust and light. Your new harness is the ideal interconnection between lightness, comfort and durability. With minimal equipment, it weighs just 3.22 kg* despite the robust materials used. *Size M




Feel your glider. The ABS stability settings let you adjust agility depending on your particular preferences.


For hiking enthusiasts. The new Connect Race Lite has a large rear pocket with a tubular compartment where trekking poles can be safely stored. Ideal for your next hike and fly trip.


Comfortable and smooth. Your new cross-country harness has a two-phase speed bar making it easy to get into the speedbag - so you can focus fully on flying even during the launch phase.



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