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For a paraglider pilot, the first wing is probably the most important. On the one hand, it should be safe and simple. On the other hand, it should also be agile, fun, and the best possible entry into the world of free-flying. When developing the Rimo, the focus was balanced between simplicity and sophisticated technological features. 

Our new mid-A wing is a combination of forgiving handling, high passive safety, and just the right amount of maneuverability and performance for maximum fun right from the start!


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What's new?

The 42-cell concept with shark-nose of the Rimo speaks for an all-round carefree glider that is neither over- nor under-demanding of the pilot. It is the perfect glider to practice, practice, practice, both on the ground and in the air. The Rimo's increased number of cells are complemented by a completely new and precise line layout. 

The top skin material to the 50% of the chord is the double-coated paraglider cloth Everlast from the renowned French manufacturer Porcher Sport. The construction and durable materials invite to extensive ground handling sessions. The pilot learns quickly and intuitively in the air, thanks to the forgiving handling. 

Maximum glider control provides the essence for a lot of fun and safety when paragliding. The new inclined rib system from UP is also being used for the first time in the Rimo. The cells on the lower canopy are of different widths, and the ribs are inclined. This guarantees perfect load distribution and a nice, clean upper surface for optimal airflow. 

Who is the Rimo for?

The Rimo is suitable for learning the basic techniques of paragliding and thus for training and ground handling. Thanks to its maneuverability, it is also exciting and dynamic. Perfect for thermal flying, which is why it appeals to beginners and to pilots who value maximum safety.

How does the Rimo fly?

When launching, the glider comes up evenly without getting stuck or overshooting. In the air, the Rimo has a long brake travel with progressivley increasing pressure, which offers forgiving handling. Landing with the Rimo proves to be extremely intuitive and manegeable. Silmutaneously, the glider is extremely maneuverable and offers the pilot a lot of joy in flying far beyond the training. 

The Rimo is available in five different sizes, between 58 and 140 kilogram as well as three serial color schemes.

Surface area flat (m2) 21,5 23,9 26,2 28,3 30,1
Surface area projected (m2) 18,3 20,4 22,3 24,1 25,7
Flat span (m) 10,3 10,9 11,4 11,8 12,2
Projected span (m) 7,9 8,4  8,7  9,1  9,4 
Flat aspect ratio 4,9 4,9 4,9 4,9 4,9
Projected aspect ratio  3,43  3,43  3,43  3,43 3,43 
Chambers/cells 42 42 42 42 42
Total line length incl. Brake (m) 259 273 286 297 307
Total # of lines incl. Brake 164  164  164  164 164 
Line dimensions (mm) 1,1 / 1, 3 / 1,4 / 1,6 / 2,1
Glider weight (kg) 4,2 4,5 4,9 5,2 5,6
Category LTF/EN A A A A A
Takeoff weight (kg) optimal 50-70 60-80 70-95 80-110 95-130
Takeoff weight (kg) certified 55-80 60-90 70-105 80-120 95-140