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The horizon is not enough!


The simultaneous release with the new Trango X is no coincidence, but shows once again how technologies from higher classes find their way into lower categories. 

Accordingly, the new Summit X has inherited the genes of its "big brother" and, in addition to the brand new 2-liner hybrid line setting, also shows its family affiliation in the airfoil. 

The fact that this interplay of new technologies can now also find its way into the B-Class is due not least to the successful cooperation with a renowned technical university, which was significantly involved in the development of the new, more powerful and more rattle-resistant profile. 

Countless simulations and several prototypes later, we are proud to be able to usher in a new era in the B category with the new Summit X!

More Info:

The new Summit X is more powerful than ever thanks to its completely new airfoil and the 2-liner hybrid line system! The certification in the B-segment was achieved completely without folding lines!

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What is new?

The Summit X has a completely new line concept. This line concept, also called "2-liner hybrid", not only causes less air resistance and thus improves glide performance, but now allows even more efficient steering via the C-risers. This hybrid system consists of the traditional 3 line levels in the centre of the canopy, but tightens to only two line levels towards the wing sides - following the example of the full-blooded two-liners.

In addition, our R&D team has worked out a completely new airfoil. The new airfoil now has an even more optimal airflow, which significantly reduces drag. In addition, the new airfoil is much more resistant to collapses, which in turn benefits passive safety. Furthermore, the new canopy design has a significant influence on the pitch stability of the Summit X, the result is an extremely efficient glide. This means that the new Summit X takes advantage of even the smallest thermal separation and converts it into valuable height gains when flying through it.

Who is the Summit X for?

Your launch technique is already refined and you have adopted the principles of active flying? You feel comfortable when your glider behaves dynamically, precisely and agilely? You don't want to do without the safety reserves of an EN-B glider and at the same time have maximum performance in this class? Then the Summit X is probably the optimal wing for your upcoming adventures!

With the Summit X you get the maximum performance that a B-class wing can currently offer. This means that a high speed can be achieved in accelerated flight. The glide performance over the entire speed range is incredibly impressive! With the extremely smooth C-control, which now can be used even more efficiently thanks to the hybrid system, the new Summit X is not only extremely easy to pilot, but also allows you to control your glider without any performance-reducing brake effects. The result is top performance - completely modelled o from its bigger brother!

When it came to the material mix, it was important to us that the new Summit X, just like its predecessor, is built with a durable mix of high quality materials, so that you can spend a maximum of flying hours with the glider! For this purpose we use the well tested Porcher Skytext Universal in 38g. For the line setup we use a line mix of unsheathed Liros Dynema main lines as well as unsheathed Edelrid Aramid lines for the middle as well as the gallery level.

How does it fly?


The canopy rises centrally and very stable to the zenith, giving you enough time to concentrate on canopy pressure and take-off direction. Once the canopy is above you, you immediately fly away from the slope under your Summit X with noticeable lift and an impressive forward momentum. Your XC adventure can begin! Let's go - because the horizon is not enough!

In the air...

The wing glides through the smallest air bubbles and turbulences and converts them effectively and uncompromisingly into height. This is thanks to the new airfoil, which plays a central and decisive role in both the Summit X and the new Trango X. The pitch of the wing is particularly noteworthy. Particularly noteworthy is the nice pitch stability. With the Summit X, we have been able to transfer this typical 2-liner characteristic to the B-Class! Even in strong thermals, the canopy remains stable above the pilot and has an effective centering in thermals. Even when flying in and out of strong thermals, this pitch stability fully benefits the performance of the ambitious cross-country pilot. The pilot can simply stand firm on the speed bar kilometre after kilometre.

The newly developed airfoil takes a lot of workload off the pilot. You can concentrate completely on your cross-country task and get the most out of long days.

In the box: inner pack, compression strap, UP gift, UP sticker, e-manual.

Technical Data:

Surface area flat (m2)21,223,125,126,6
Surface area projected (m2) 18 19,621,322,6
Flat span (m) 11,1711,6512,1412,5
Projected span (m) 9,159,559,9510,25
Flat aspect ratio 5,875,875,875,87
Projected aspect ratio4,654,654,654,65
Chambers/cells 55555555
Total line length incl. Brake (m)230

Total # of lines incl. Brake

Total canopy weight

Category EN

Takeoff weight (kg)

















*Certificaion pending

Location Material

Top front / Leading edge Porcher Skytex 42 Everlast (middle/top) / Skytex 38 Universal (outer tips)

Top surface design stripe Porcher Skytex 38 Universal

Top surface rear        Dominico D20

Bottom surface          Dominico D20

Cell walls                    Porcher Skytex 40 Hard

Diagonal ribs              Porcher Skytex 40 Hard

Gallery lines               Edelrid 8000U-090/070/050 (Aramid unsheathed) / Liros DC60 (Dyneema unsheathed)

Middle lines                Edelrid 8000U-090/070 (Aramid unsheathed) / Liros DC120/100 (Dyneema unsheathed)

Main lines                   Edelrid 8000U-230/190/130 (Aramid unsheathed)

Brake lines                 Cousin 989-1,5 (Dyneema sheathed)/ Edelrid 8000U-090/070/050 (Aramid unsheathed)

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