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One of the true classics in the UP accessories range, the Asgard fleece gloves, have received a complete model overhaul – allow us to introduce the Asgard 2:

These new gloves, designed for pilots,  are set to become another one of those items which you just never want to forget at home. Built with a wind-sealer membrane, they are warm enough for 3-season flying. The material is breathable and water-repellant. 

Special features are the touchscreen-compatible index finger and the reinforcement on the side of the index finger to increase durability cause of friction.

Made from 90% polyester and 10% PU

See your local UP dealer to try these updated UP classics!

Sizes: 7(S), 8 (M), 9(L), 10(XL) and 11(XXL)

Price zł420.00

    Guru ( CCC )


    The peak of performance

    The Guru is our pure competition glider. Every single detail was optimized for the maximum of performance. 

    Being the bigger brother of our successful Meru (EN D), the Guru has as well a very nice handling. 

    The proven mix of high class materials combined with the latest techno- logical improvements and perfect mix of all input factors, results in an extraordinary wing!

    2020 edition: This model is now also equipped with our popular snap-lock break handle.

    Price zł23,100.00

      K2-4 tandem

      K2-4 tandem

      Simply share your passion!

      UP K2⁴

      UP is happy to introduce the fourth generation of our tandem paraglider, the K2⁴. Both professional and private pilots have always valued the K2 series. 

      "It flies like a solo glider" is the response from tandem pilots around the world. A characteristic that we naturally retained in the K2⁴. 

      To make the successful model even better, we focused on the launching properties, the weight, and the optimal mix of materials for long-term professional use.

      What's new?

      The K2-4 ist equipped with several new technical features. First, the risers mow have an attachment for big ears, and they are made of a combination of 25 and 20mm webbings for maximum strenght and weight spare. 

      Next, the new Snaplock brake handles make for easy and quick handling during countless take-offs and landings on the K2-4. Although we still rely on a four-line system to sort the lines as easy as possible, the lines are brand new, robust, and durable lines from Edelrid. We selected this high-quality material wo withstand the rigors of long-term use as well as possible. 

      The negative 3D shaping, which comes from UP's 2-line development, ensures a clean leading edge even in high-speed flight, causing a considerable increase in performance. Finally, the upper material, the leading edge to the 50% of the chord, is constructed using double-coated Everlast from Porcher.With this innovation, UP improved significantely K2 durability while reducing the overall weight of the K2-4 by 700 grams to 7.7 kilograms.

      After years of continuous development and positive innovations, we are proud to bring a worthy sucessor with the K2-4.

      Price zł18,600.00


        The UP Serac is the perfect top layer for cool mountain evenings, or middle layer for cold flights. Made from a stylish knit fleece, it doesn't just look good - it feels great too. 

        The inside of the cloth has gone through a roughening process where it is scratched to form a soft and very comfortable surface which feels super soft against the skin, and makes the whole thing more windproof too. 

        The material is 100% polyester, and the Serac comes in sizes M, L and XL.

        Price zł400.00

          MAKALU 4

          Makalu 4

          The new Makalu 4 is everything you ever dreamed of in the EN B class - it is SUPER stable, very easy and forgiving to fly, but has LOADS of FUN built in. 

          Part of the FUN is the fact that you get such a reassuring, safety-conscious package all while the performance is so good - this wing won't let even your loftiest goals down, and its direct and sporty handling never becomes unsettling. 

          It is literally built to explore on; explore the whole free-flying idea as well as explore in a geographical sense. 

          There'll be schools out there who choose the Makalu 4 to teach on, and it is THE greatest tool for taking the first aerial steps out of school. 

          You'll have FUN doing it.

          Price zł14,000.00

            PARASLEEVE 2 UP


            The Parasleeve² is designed so that it may be used with ALL UP wings, and allows you to fold the "cigar" in several different ways once the bag is zipped closed. If you like to separate the wing from the harness when packing there's an integrated riser compartment in there for you, and if you don't well rest assured that the zipper is bidirectional so that you can let the lines out at the bottom.

            We're making it in three different sizes to accomodate all wing sizes, and we're happy to say that the M size weighs only 460g. There are large mesh panels to allow your wing to breathe while stored.

            Please choose preferable size:
            • S ( 230cm )
            • M (255 cm )
            • L ( 280 cm )

            The Parasleeve² is included with Summit XC series, Kangri, Trango X series. Meru, Guru wings, and can be ordered as an accessory for all other wings at the same time.

            Ascent series  XS, S, M, L 
            Rimo  XS, S, SM, M. L
            Dena  XS, S, SM M. L 
            Makalu series S, SMM, L 
            Kibo seriesSSM, ML
            Lhotse series 20, 2224, 26 
            SummitX seriesXSS, M 
            KangriSM, L  
            TrangoX seriesS, SMM, L 
            MeruSM. ML 
            GuruS, SM, M, L  
            K2-4  SM, ML 
            Price zł440.00

              SPEED TOP RACE FZ

              The "FZ" in the name for our new speed top is short for "Full Zip" - this indispensible new garment features a full-length zipper all the way down the front, to make it easier and more convenient to get on and off.

              It is made from 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, and comes in 3 sizes to accomodate most speed-hungry pilots.

              The UP artwork includes big "Airborne Sensations" logos down both sleeves. Ask your local UP dealer for either the  M, L or XL size!

              Price zł390.00

                STUFFSACK² UP

                THE NEW STUFFSACK²

                Put the glider inside, close the buckle, tighten the cord, close the zipper, and get yourself up to takeoff!

                Ergonomic shoulder straps make it easy to carry, five compression straps allow pilots to quickly achieve a compact backpack, and the partial mesh outer layer lets the wing breath. 

                At just 900g it ads very little bulk and weight to the harness while flying.

                Stuffsack² works with all models and sizes. It is already available to order and it is delivered with our tandem gliders.

                Price zł590.00

                  SUMMIT X

                  SUMMIT X

                  The horizon is not enough!


                  The simultaneous release with the new Trango X is no coincidence, but shows once again how technologies from higher classes find their way into lower categories. 

                  Accordingly, the new Summit X has inherited the genes of its "big brother" and, in addition to the brand new 2-liner hybrid line setting, also shows its family affiliation in the airfoil. 

                  The fact that this interplay of new technologies can now also find its way into the B-Class is due not least to the successful cooperation with a renowned technical university, which was significantly involved in the development of the new, more powerful and more rattle-resistant profile. 

                  Countless simulations and several prototypes later, we are proud to be able to usher in a new era in the B category with the new Summit X!

                  More Info:

                  The new Summit X is more powerful than ever thanks to its completely new airfoil and the 2-liner hybrid line system! The certification in the B-segment was achieved completely without folding lines!

                  Price zł16,900.00

                    SUMMITEER LIGHT - BACKPACK

                    SUMMITEER LIGHT - BACKPACK

                    A good hike and fly backpack should be comfortable to carry, cinch down tight against your back, and be made of the highest quality light-weight materials. We have designed the Summiteer-light to do just that.

                    Whether your carrying your pack 500m to the tram station, or 50km in a training run, its a huge advantage to have a light, feature rich, comfortable pack. Your back will thank you!

                    The Summiteer Light can be ordered from your dealer and will be included by default with the Mana, Lhotse² and Kangri Gliders, it can also be special ordered with any of our solo gliders. The Summiteer Light will easily fit any standard size glider. For more pictures, please visit our “Gallery”.

                    Size S: 385 gram

                    Volume: 90 liter

                    Dimensions: H 70 x W 42 x D 30

                    Material: Skytex & Dominico (40g/sqm), YKK zipper

                    Walking stick mount

                    Helmet mount

                    Preliminary setup for drinking system

                    6 compression belts

                    Two zip-pockets on the hip belt

                    Pocket on the front side

                    Price zł750.00

                      T-SHIRT CIRCLE

                      The new T-shirt „circle“ with colorful printed logo feels soft and comfortable to wear because of its super-soft finish.

                      The men shirts in Terracotta-heathered and blue-heathered colors are available in the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL

                      Material: 85 % cotton, 15 % polyester 

                      Price zł220.00

                        TRANGO X

                        TRANGO X

                        Switch to the fast lane!


                        Trango! One glider. One name. A huge fan community worldwide!

                        After setting new class standards from generation to generation with the Trango predecessors, now finally follows a worthy and long-awaited successor with the Trango X!

                        If you have flown the Trango X-Race, then you can certainly imagine the mammoth task our R&D team faced when it came to turning the performance screw even further, but without losing sight of the core characteristics of the Trango, for which our performance wing is highly praised worldwide: Handling, stability, thermal characteristics, climb performance... to list just a few of the much praised top attributes!

                        After many prototypes and various design approaches, UP has once again succeeded in creating a wing that we are extremely proud to present to the large fan community as a worthy successor to the popular Trango series! The Trango X is here. Change to the fast lane! Now!

                        Price zł19,500.00

                          UP ASCENT 4

                          ASCENT 4

                          CERTAINLY A PLEASURE FOR THE LONG RUN

                          While constructing the new Ascent 4 our team focused on the thought, that flying should be great fun. Only pilots who feel save while flying will experience long-term pleasure. 

                          The Ascent4 combines the high level of security of a typical EN-A glider with a good portion of fun to let the pilot thrive on safety and comfort.

                          Due to the nice handling and the well-balanced combination of performance and agility, the Ascent 4 is not only a beginner glider but also the right partner for experienced, safety driven pilots.

                          Price zł12,400.00

                            UP BACKPACK

                            A TALLER, SLEEKER, MORE COMFORTABLE PACK

                            The new wings, with all their complex internal battens, are much longer when packed than they were just a few years ago. 

                            We have been busy making a backpack that reflects that change, and are proud of the new UP glider backpack! It is tall enough to accomodate your lovingly packed performance UP wing AND your bulky comp harness, it is much more comfortable to carry due to a better load distribution, and with heavy-duty YKK zippers and triple-reinforced sewing it is strong enough to last. 

                            Plus it is almost 500g lighter than the previous model!

                            The new bag comes in M and L. The M size is for beginner and intermediate wings/pilots with normal-sized gliders and harnesses, whereas the L size is for the performance-oriented gliders/pilots carrying more kit and larger harnesses. 

                            The M size holds 140l and weighs 1230g, while the L size holds 175l and weighs 1330g.

                            The M size is included with deliveries of Ascent 4's, Dena, Makalu 4's, and Kibo², and Summit XC4's in XS, and Trango X-Race in S.

                             The L size is included as standard with Summit XC4 and Trango X-Races in all other sizes as well as for Meru and Guru. When you order a new UP wing you may ask to have the standard size replaced by the other one, for a small surcharge. 

                            Please note that we cannot change the backpack for you after you have received your new wing - but you are always welcome to purchase a supplementary pack from your UP dealer.

                            Price zł600.00

                              UP DENA

                              UP DENA

                              Dena is our new EN-A + paraglider. It is an A-glider with very fine handling and outstanding performance in its class. 

                              Thanks to the use of technological achievements from the development of higher class paragliders, we have achieved a masterpiece that sets a new standard.

                              What's new?

                              With the new Dena, we set the highest standards and use the best materials such as the durable Skytext Everlast in the leading edge. 

                              The new UP glider now uses its own negative 3D panel shaping in the A-Class. 

                              This ensures a clean leading edge even in accelerated flight, contributes to a considerable increase in performance, and it looks beautiful. 

                              Since the development of our bestseller Meru from the competitive class, this technological advance has been a pioneer in paraglider development. In the Dena, we also use other features from the high-performance design that have been specifically optimized for the A-Class. These include uncovered gallery lines, 50 cells, optimized rod length in the leading edge, shark nose, hidden seams on the mini-ribs, 12mm wide risers, and reduced-resistance wingtips.

                              Price zł15,600.00

                                UP KANGRI


                                OUTSTANDING LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMER

                                We positioned the Kangri at the top end of the B-category on purpose. Our vision, to create a lightweight glider with the best possible glide and speed on bar is setting a new benchmark in its class. 

                                The uncompromising design of the Kangri exceeds the expectations of ambitious XC-pilots, while keeping the benefits of a B-glider in terms of comfort and safety.

                                Real lightweight

                                Due to its lightweight construction, the Kangri weighs only 3.7 kg in its smallest size. The material mix of 32g and 27g Porcher Skytex as well as the sophisticated inner life are not only light but also durable. With the intelligent mix of Aramid- and Dynema-lines, our three-liner offers a long-lasting, lightweight setup. 

                                The small packing size and minimal weight enables you to reach even the most remote areas of our beautiful planet. Enjoy your adventures!

                                Price zł17,500.00

                                  UP KIBO 2

                                  THE DELIGHT OF FREE FLIGHT

                                  We are introducing the new Kibo² which comes as the successor of the very successful intermediate glider, the Kibo.

                                  All sorts of technical refinements have been implemented, which makes our hybrid three liner a fun to fly glider with decent performance and high passive safety. Besides the improved pitch stability, the handling is more agile now, just perfect to use the upwind in most efficient way. 

                                  Of course, the Kibo² retains the excellent feedback and comfort of its predecessor, making it the ideal wing even for demanding conditions.

                                  Price zł15,600.00

                                    UP LHOTSE 2 sizes 20 - 22 - 24 - 26

                                    P LHOTSE²

                                    The Lhotse² is the second generation of our very successful EN-B wing in lightweight construction. It is based on the Kibo² and thanks to its light weight construction, it is the perfect companion for all H&F, bivouac, and travel adventures. 

                                    The Lhotse² will amaze you in flight with its appealing, beautiful, precise handling and maneuverability. Additionally, the excellent climbing and performance will tempt you to fly more cross country. 

                                    The lightweight design will impress you even more when you carry it on your shoulders.

                                    What's new?

                                    As with the Kibo², the Lhotse² has many new technical features. The negative 3D panel shaping invented by our designer Franta Pavlousek gives our light mid-B a clean leading edge. Using technology already proven successful with our 2-line models, we have improved the performance within the B class. 

                                    To achieve this, the number of cells have been increased and the rods in the leading edge are slightly longer. Like all of the latest UP glider models, the seams of the mini ribs are hidden on the Lhotse². Compared to its predecessor, we were able to reduce the weight of our new lightweight glider between 100-200 grams. 

                                    The Lhotse² will now be available in a fourth size for the lightweights among the glider pilots.

                                    Price zł17,000.00

                                      UP Mana 2

                                      MANA 2

                                      Easy! Light!

                                      INCREDIBLY VERSATILE

                                      The Mana² is, as its name suggests, the second generation of our ultra-light fun-guarantor! The Mana² is extremely versatile and its tiny pack size and light weight make it the best companion for all kinds of adventures!

                                      - Very low canopy weight; this not only increases comfort, but also significantly improves launch behavior and offers increased safety in flight.

                                      - New Generation Airfoil (NGA), Mini Ribs, Air intake pockets (AIP) and 3D shaping of the individual cells optimize the airflow and have a stabilizing and performance-enhancing effect.

                                      - Reduced line system for easy line sorting and less drag

                                      Price zł14,900.00

                                        UP MERU

                                        WINNING PERFORMANCE AND HANDLING

                                        We designed the MERU for record breaking cross country flights, and top-level competitions. 

                                        An aspect ratio of 6.9 combined with a sophisticated two-liner construction make the MERU the perfect glider for expert pilots to get the most out of their flying day. 

                                        The MERU has the handling that UP is known for; direct, sharp and fun to fly. 

                                        The MERU’s agility and communication mean that the pilot will find the thermal faster, and climb more efficiently. 

                                        Complex internal structure combined with two-liner pitch control make the MERU very stable at speed, with awesome performance into a headwind.

                                        While flying it you feel that every little piece of lift is converted into height, while the glider searches out more lift. 

                                        With optimized attachment points, 84 cells, and a super clean leading edge the MERU is a true thermal surfer.

                                        2020 edition: This model is now also equipped with our popular snap-lock break handle as well as our C-steering handles.

                                        Price zł22,900.00

                                          UP MISTI


                                          magic brakes

                                          AN ACRO ALL-ROUNDER

                                          The Misti project started back in 2015. The goal was clear: build a trademark UP glider for the acro scene - a durable product that pilots love to fly. At the end of 2018, we went back to the drawing board with Ondrej Procházka to tease out the essential points of such an all-round glider; and build it. 

                                          We were striving to come up with a glider that suits most pilots, starting with beginners. A wing that is as easy as the current "relaxed" acro gliders. In a big size, you can have it as a glider to enter the acro flying world. In addition, we ended up with such maneuverability and usable energy that the glider in a smaller size will capture the heart of advanced pilots. 

                                          The project would not have had such a good outcome without the skills of our chief designer Franta Pavlousek. His many decades of glider development experience make the UP Misti a very complete and interesting glider to fly.

                                          AN ACRO ALL-ROUNDER

                                          The Misti project started back in 2015. The goal was clear: build a trademark UP glider for the acro scene - a durable product that pilots love to fly. At the end of 2018, we went back to the drawing board with Ondrej Procházka to tease out the essential points of such an all-round glider; and build it. 

                                          We were striving to come up with a glider that suits most pilots, starting with beginners. A wing that is as easy as the current "relaxed" acro gliders. In a big size, you can have it as a glider to enter the acro flying world. In addition, we ended up with such maneuverability and usable energy that the glider in a smaller size will capture the heart of advanced pilots. 

                                          The project would not have had such a good outcome without the skills of our chief designer Franta Pavlousek. His many decades of glider development experience make the UP Misti a very complete and interesting glider to fly.

                                          Price zł15,600.00

                                            UP RIMO


                                            Get started!

                                            MAXIMUM FUN RIGHT FROM THE START

                                            For a paraglider pilot, the first wing is probably the most important. On the one hand, it should be safe and simple. On the other hand, it should also be agile, fun, and the best possible entry into the world of free-flying. When developing the Rimo, the focus was balanced between simplicity and sophisticated technological features. 

                                            Our new mid-A wing is a combination of forgiving handling, high passive safety, and just the right amount of maneuverability and performance for maximum fun right from the start!

                                            Price zł13,500.00

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