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We positioned the Kangri at the top end of the B-category on purpose. Our vision, to create a lightweight glider with the best possible glide and speed on bar is setting a new benchmark in its class. 

The uncompromising design of the Kangri exceeds the expectations of ambitious XC-pilots, while keeping the benefits of a B-glider in terms of comfort and safety.

Real lightweight

Due to its lightweight construction, the Kangri weighs only 3.7 kg in its smallest size. The material mix of 32g and 27g Porcher Skytex as well as the sophisticated inner life are not only light but also durable. With the intelligent mix of Aramid- and Dynema-lines, our three-liner offers a long-lasting, lightweight setup. 

The small packing size and minimal weight enables you to reach even the most remote areas of our beautiful planet. Enjoy your adventures!


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Who is the Kangri for?

We placed the Kangri well in the upper B segment in order to be able to consistently extend our finely graded lightweight product range.

The mission to combine the safety aspect of the B-Class with performance and speed from higher classes was successfully completed. Therefore, despite its B-certification, the Kangri requires a certain flying experience. An average air time of at least 40h per year is recommended to take full advantage of Kangris capabilities. 

At the same time, pilots from higher classes and with significantly more airtime will appreciate the Kangri in terms of comfort at its top performance.

Adventurous pilots will enjoy the Kangri for vol-biv, h&f, as well as for travelling.

How does it fly?

If you like the Summit XC4, you will love the Kangri!

Take-off: The Kangri takes off easily when you lay it on the ground in an arrow shape. Its behavior is absolutely easy without the slightest tendency of overshooting. Once pulled, the Kangri rises evenly over the pilot's head where it waits for further input to take off.

In the air: Like the Summit XC4, the canopy feels very compact and solid. The distinctive sharknose allows very efficient, accelerated flying even in rough conditions. Climbing up thermals with elegance you will experience that the Kangri has the genes of higher classes.

The Kangri surfs through thermals pitch stable and remembers of the feeling of a Trango X-Race. The balanced feedback of the canopy makes it intuitive to find the next core. The Kangri is turning flat and very pitch-stable. This behavior will assist you even in weak conditions. The effective C-steering enables you to save your energy and use thermals with maximum efficiency. 

When going on distance it can sometimes happen to get into unexpected strong wind conditions so you will have a smile on your face, when taking advantage of about 16 km/h speed gain on bar.

Surface area flat (m2) 21,1 23,5 25,5
Surface area projected (m2) 17,9 19,9 21,6
Flat span (m) 11,5 12,2 12,7
Projected span (m) 9,3 9,7 10,1
Flat aspect ratio 6,3 6,3 6,3
Projected aspect ratio 4,8 4,8 4,8
Chambers/cells 57 57 57
Total line length incl. Brake (m) 223 233 241

Total # of lines incl. Brake

Total canopy weight

Category EN

Takeoff weight (kg)