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Stodeus BlueBip is an ultra-lightweight audio system with Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, it automatically connects to your smartphone or tablet upon activation, providing ultra-precise flight information.

Equipped with high-precision sensors, it measures the immediate value of Vz, barometric altitude, glide ratio, and much more.

Fitted with a SunPower solar panel, it continuously charges, ensuring over 100 hours of autonomy.

With Instant Vario technology (immediate vario) and refined sounds, it offers an intuitive and enjoyable flight experience, and its powerful configurator allows you to customize it to your own preferences.

Produced in France with over 10 years of experience and innovation, BlueBip is an essential tool for paragliders looking for simplicity and reliability.

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No unnecessary cables.

BlueBip connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) right after being switched on.

It enables the use of paragliding applications such as XCtrack, FlySkyHy, SeeYou Navigator, and many others, transmitting ultra-precise flight information such as barometric altitude, atmospheric pressure, rate of climb and descent, and more.

Due to its small size, it can be attached to a helmet, shoulder harness strap, or cockpit.

Just like UltraBip, BlueBip is the perfect companion for Submarine harnesses for pilots seeking maximum performance in long-distance cross-country flights and competitions.

You can also add a display to your BlueBip, thanks to ActiveLook connected glasses.

BlueBip does not have a built-in GPS. In our range, UltraBip is the most advanced instrument, featuring a GPS recorder.

Accurate measurements for efficient flying.

BlueBip is a solar-powered autonomous instrument designed specifically for paragliding.

It combines the functions of a solar-powered variometer and includes several sensors such as a pressure sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope (inertial measurement system).

These sensors provide an immediate and integrated value of Vz (over 15s), an accurate calculation of glide ratio, and precise barometric altitude to the flight application.

The sensors built into BlueBip offer significantly greater precision and are specially adapted for use in paragliding, surpassing the sensors found in smartphones.

Data measured by BlueBip is transmitted via Bluetooth connectivity to the flight application (Android and iPhone), using various protocols and standards. Thanks to this flexibility, it is directly compatible with most paragliding apps available on the market.


Free your mind and fly, without worrying about the battery level!

BlueBip is solar-powered, using an efficient SunPower solar panel with an impressive power of 193mW.

This new, thinner, and more discreet solar panel is reinforced with a solid PET/EVA layer, providing high protection against impacts and scratches.

The instrument continuously charges, even when turned off. Additional solar energy is stored in a large-capacity internal battery, giving you over 100 hours of autonomy without sunlight.

Much more than just audio signals.

Again, innovation is at the heart of our instruments:

When it comes to the audio signals of the variometer, BlueBip uses the innovative BipBip PRO. This includes a new speaker and custom amplifier, specially developed to produce a strong, clear sound. The result is a wide range of sound volumes (95dB at maximum volume), without sacrificing battery life.

Variometer sounds are usually aggressive. Therefore, to help you fly with complete peace of mind, we have developed our own acoustics, delivering sound signals that are always gentle to the ear.

BlueBip (like BipBip PRO and UltraBip) has a built-in audio synthesizer and generates sounds with an ADSR sound envelope, making the signals pleasant and intuitive.

A variometer that whispers in your ear.

We designed a USB-C to 3.5 mm jack adapter, so we can connect our USB-C instruments to any headphones with a 3.5 mm jack.

Specially designed to meet the needs of pilots with hearing impairments and professional tandem pilots, it is also suitable for paramotor pilots.

Thanks to this adapter, tandem pilots can receive audio signals directly to the ear. Your passenger will be able to fully enjoy the tranquility of free flight.

For paramotor pilots who use thermals, connect BlueBip to your intercom system, and finally hear the variometer signals.

L'UltraBip also benefits from this feature, and voice messages about altitude, speed, flight time, etc., are also transmitted to the headphones.

Unlimited customization.

Using the web application Configurator, you can fully customize your BlueBip to your specific needs.

The Configurator includes a graphical variometer editor. Intuitive, it allows for simulating changes in the variometer sound depending on the rate of climb or descent.

You can activate or deactivate features such as start detection and Bluetooth, remote control mode, and many others!

BlueBip software is easy to update. Connected to a computer with a USB cable (included), it works like a pendrive. Just copy and paste the update file available online.

Stodeus regularly offers free updates to continuously improve our products. This way, you can easily use the latest features and enhancements of BlueBip.

Smaller and lighter than a matchbox.

Compact, sturdy, and scratch-resistant, BlueBip is an ultra-lightweight Bluetooth audio variometer.

Its featherweight of 26 grams means you can leave it on your equipment all the time, whether it's during a calm morning flight, bivouac, or long technical long-distance flight.

Its numerous settings and applications make it indispensable for both progressing paragliders and competitors looking for a reliable variometer they can always rely on.

Technical specification

Solar: high-efficiency, scratch-resistant solar panel

Internal battery with 100 hours of autonomy without sunlight

Bluetooth BLE connectivity (iOS and Android)

Start detection (can be deactivated)

Fully customizable: (web application Configurator and Variometer Tone Editor)

Instant Vario technology (ultra-sensitive accelerometer, gyroscope, and pressure sensor)

Loud buzzer 95dB (5 levels: mini, medium, loud, max, quiet)

Battery level display at startup

Solar charging from 0 to 100% in 20h

Software updates

USB-C: trickle charging, configuration, and updates

Headphone output for variometer signals (headphone adapter required)

Bluetooth remote control mode for XCTrack

Ultra-lightweight: 26g

Made in France

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