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Syride Sys’GPS V3

Syride SYS’GPS V3 Variometer - Simple and lightweight variometer with GPS

The Syride SYS’GPS V3 is an easy-to-use GPS variometer for everyone!

If you want a cool GPS variometer but don't want to waste time configuring - the Syride SYS'GPS is for you. You will see your speed and other parameters without the time-consuming setting of functions in the air. A perfect device for pilots who value simplicity and functionality.

Very light variometer equipped with a very sensitive sensor. It has a fully customizable screen, so you will see the information you need. Thanks to the assembly of the belt, you do not have to let go of the brakes to operate the device. Fans of night and evening flights will surely appreciate the illuminated, very readable screen.

The Thermal Sniffer Assistant helps you find the thermals and better glide line!

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A wide range of functions

SYS'GPS offers all the standard measurements of the Alti-Vario-GPS integrated instrument plus altitude, G-meter and a free online flight book - all at a very affordable price.



    G-Meter - overloads with adjustable alarm

    50-channel GPS receiver

    AGL- height above the ground (according to the topographic map)

    NEW: Lifty-Air / Thermal Finder

The SYS'GPS includes a high-precision pressure sensor, a backlit screen with a resolution of 128x128 and a highly sensitive GPS receiver, making it an optimal and user-friendly device for both paragliders and hang-gliders.


Ease of use

With Velcro tape you can place the SYS'Alti virtually anywhere you can think of: on the dashboard, on the risers or, thanks to its minimal weight, even on the wrist like a watch. The manufacturer recommends mounting on risers; you can then operate the instrument in full flight safety, because you do not let go of the brakes, and you can see the information provided without looking away from the direction of flight.

Fully customizable screens

In order to help the pilot as much as possible, a lot of information is available during the flight - however, the actual choice of information is a matter of personal preference.

Thanks to the completely customizable SYS'Alti screens, you can see all the information you need at a glance! The size and position of the displayed data can be changed freely within the Syride Screen Configuration Tool and updated with equal ease.

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