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GPS logger, voice assisant, Instand vario


Thanks to its built-in high-performance GPS receiver, UltraBip records all your flight tracks and stats. And you will now feel even the slightest thermal thanks to our breakthrough Instant Vario Technology.

UltraBip also benefits from our unique-on-the-market voice assistant function. And our exclusive Dual-Audio Technology meets the challenge of giving you loud beeps and rich voice announcements, while being energy efficient.

Engineered to fit to any of your paragliding activity, UltraBip can either be paired via Bluetooth to most flight apps, or be used as a stand-alone instrument. All that technology being powered by the sun through our rugged SunPower solar cell.

Avid XC pilots as well as tandem or hike&fly enthusiasts will eagerly fine-tune UltraBip’s infinite settings for a fully personalized flight experience.


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Records each and every turn.

Thanks to its GPS Logger System and ultra-fast fix, UltraBip records all your flight tracks up to more than 10 000 flights!

Back home, connect your UltraBip to your computer and visualize your flight track easily. For each flight, UltraBip records your track in two formats (KML and IGC).

Simply open the KML file with Google Earth and experience your flight again! The recorded file includes all your stats such as max speed, max altitude, max G-Force, total distance and duration.

The IGC file recorded is FAI-CIVL certified. Use it to declare your flights on your national federation (FFVL, DHV, SHV, USHPA, BHPA, …), or to view it in your favourite tracklog software such as XContest, VisuGPS, IGC Webview, Doarama, and more.

Even when connected, UltraBip records your flight track, so you have backups.


No strings attached.

UltraBip connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) as soon as you turn it on. You only need to pair it the first time.

It lets you use full featured flight computer apps such as XCtrack, FlySkyHy, SeeYou,… by sending ultra precise flight information such as altitude, lift&sink rate, glide ratio, and more. It even sends GNSS (GPS) coordinates so the smartphone internal GPS feature can be disabled, thus saving power for long flights.

Thanks to this wireless connectivity, UltraBip can be positioned on the helmet or harness shoulder strap, and free up this precious flight cockpit space.

UltraBip benefits from a seamless and reliable signal within 5 meters of your smartphone.

But if you want to fly light, UltraBip can also be used as a stand-alone instrument.

All you need to know. With just a double tap.

Simply listen to the voice of your new solar assistant, and fly further.

UltraBip can speak on a regular basis of distance, altitude or time, or on demand when you double-tap on it!

UltraBip speaks to you in the language of your choice (13 different languages), and provides you with all the necessary information a paragliding pilot needs (altitude, speed, average climb rate, heading, time, flight duration, and more).

All of that without interfering with the vario, and of course, because every pilot is unique, everything can be configured or disabled.

Fly solar-powered.

Free your mind and go flying without thinking about battery level !

UltraBip is solar-powered with a high-performance SunPower solar cell of an impressive 193mW of power.

This new solar cell is thinner and more rugged thanks to an extra layer of PET/EVA, protecting it against drops and scratches.

The instrument is always charging, even when switched OFF. The extra solar energy is stored in a large internal battery, giving you more than 50h of runtime without sun*

Hassle-free customization.

UltraBip is ready to fly ! Simply switch it on, and go flying ! With the default parameters, it will track your flight, let you know your altitude and speed on demand, and of course will beep in thermals.

With the Configurator web-app, you can add so much more power to your UltraBip with many other special features.

Enable flight alarms in order to stick to the nearby airspace of your next flight.

Activate the automatic mode of the announcements, choose what information you want to hear (altitude, speed, time, average climb rate, heading, and more).

Choose if you want UltraBip to record your flight in KML or IGC format, or both!

And many more features!

All of that can be personalized through 1 to 3 different profiles. Let’s say you do three different activities : Hike&Fly, XC flying, tandem. You can set three profiles to match each activity.

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