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Stodeus BipBip PRO V2

The latest solar variometer with concentrated performance in an ultra-light instrument weighing just 26 grams.

Equipped with the latest generation of sensors from the drone industry, BipBip PRO is a solar variometer with unmatched reactivity. 

This instrument, weighing only 26g, is your flight attendant with unlimited flight time thanks to a large internal battery and a high-performance solar cell.

The acoustics of BipBip PRO can be adjusted over a wide range, the signal tone is balanced and quiet. 

Thanks to its many customizable parameters, it can be fully customized to your flying style. 

Whether you're an avid XC pilot or a hike & fly enthusiast, this concentrated technology, made in France, will never leave your paragliding gear

The BipBip PRO V2 is the updated version of the BipBip lineage, a solar powered variometer for paragliders with improved features!

Price zł490.00

    STODEUS BlueBip


    Stodeus BlueBip is an ultra-lightweight audio system with Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, it automatically connects to your smartphone or tablet upon activation, providing ultra-precise flight information.

    Equipped with high-precision sensors, it measures the immediate value of Vz, barometric altitude, glide ratio, and much more.

    Fitted with a SunPower solar panel, it continuously charges, ensuring over 100 hours of autonomy.

    With Instant Vario technology (immediate vario) and refined sounds, it offers an intuitive and enjoyable flight experience, and its powerful configurator allows you to customize it to your own preferences.

    Produced in France with over 10 years of experience and innovation, BlueBip is an essential tool for paragliders looking for simplicity and reliability.

    Price zł829.00
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    STODEUS MiniBip

    STODEUS MiniBip



    The miniBip is ultra simple, rechargeable via USB, and its audio profile benefits from Stodeus’ 10 years of expertise in audio variometers, all of which makes it the best friend of the novice paraglider!

    Time to fly.

    Discover your first thermals.

    The miniBip is a simple and accessible variometer.

    Easy to handle, the miniBip benefits from Stodeus’ 10 years of experience in audio variometers. It does not require any specific settings, the vario response is intuitive and the sound is clear, with a progressive tone in frequency and repetition. You switch it on just before take-off and make the most of your flight. Its beeps will set the tempo of your first flights in thermals.

    The miniBip is the only instrument in the Stodeus range to run exclusively on its internal battery, without a solar cell. Wherever you are, recharge it via USB, and set off for hundreds of hours of flight.

    Its compact design and ultralight weight of 24g make the miniBip the lightest instrument in the Stodeus range. Always leave it on your equipment, whether it’s for days when flights follow one another or for a hike&fly day.

    Price does not cover sending costs

    Price zł299.00

      STODEUS Ultra Bip

      STODEUS Ultra Bip

      GPS logger, voice assisant, Instand vario


      Thanks to its built-in high-performance GPS receiver, UltraBip records all your flight tracks and stats. And you will now feel even the slightest thermal thanks to our breakthrough Instant Vario Technology.

      UltraBip also benefits from our unique-on-the-market voice assistant function. And our exclusive Dual-Audio Technology meets the challenge of giving you loud beeps and rich voice announcements, while being energy efficient.

      Engineered to fit to any of your paragliding activity, UltraBip can either be paired via Bluetooth to most flight apps, or be used as a stand-alone instrument. All that technology being powered by the sun through our rugged SunPower solar cell.

      Avid XC pilots as well as tandem or hike&fly enthusiasts will eagerly fine-tune UltraBip’s infinite settings for a fully personalized flight experience.

      Price zł1,350.00

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