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Charly DIAMOND CROSS ST LIGHT rescue system

Superlight, steerable cruciform canopy

The new DIAMONDcross ST from Charly presents three main innovations:

It has a defined forward speed in diagonal direction with the effect of a significantly reduced sink speed. This results on the one hand in a higher aspect ratio compared to conventional cruciform canopies, those propulsion mainly takes place towards one side, and on the other hand in the asymmetrical air flow of the convex sides of the DIAMONDcross canopy, thereby receiving an ascending forced optimised profile.

The horizontal movement, which is typical for every modern round canopy and cruciform canopy, can be steered for the DIAMONDcross ST in a certain direction, if required. Obstacles like e.g. power lines can thus be avoided and an emergency landing field can be precisely approached with a glide ratio of ca. 1:1.5. There are no disadvantages for the DIAMONDcross ST compared with conventional cruciform canopies.

The DIAMONDcross has different line lengths which has the effect that the strips of the canopy don't lie on top of each other when packing the canopy. This diversification causes an easier air inlet when opening and thus an increased opening speed compared to conventional cruciform canopies. The packing of the DIAMONDcross is not more time-consuming or more complex than for a normal cruciform canopy.

The superlight DIAMONDcross ST thus combines the low packing effort of round- and cruciform canopies with the controllability of Rogallo rescue systems. For the DIAMONDcross, there is no risk of a “down plane” immediately after release, that is typical for Rogallo rescue systems even after pre-braking if they open with the top downwards.

The concept of the DIAMONDcross works without pre-braking and therefore the system remains very easy to handle and is reliable.

Price zł4,300.00

    Charly Paralock 3

    The Charly Paralock 3 is a modern paragliding carabiner that offers numerous advantages and safety features. It can save lives in various dangerous situations.

    This new generation carabiner is useful not only during emergency water landings and encountering strong ground winds. The quick-release function for the paraglider can also prevent the dangerous downplaning effect. This is a significant acceleration of the descent speed with an unfolded paraglider after deploying a rescue parachute.

    Price zł799.00



      Helmet and instrument bag with drawstring.

      The surface of this luxurious microfibre Charly PREMIUM FLEECE  PROTECTION  BAG is smooth at the outside and soft and fleecy on the inside such that its content is optimally protected during transport. 

      The Charly PREMIUM FLEECE  PROTECTION  BAG offers enough room for one helmet plus flight instruments, gloves, etc. and is equipped with a practical draw cord.

      Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm

      Weight: 67 g

      Price zł60.00

        Charly Snaplock


         Hang gliding and paragliding carabiner with conventional twist lock


        Working load limit (air sports): 115 DaN* per carabiner

        Drop-forged from Titanal, 76 g

        Breaking load: 3 000 DaN

        Breaking load, open gate: 2 000 DaN

        Load without permanent deformation, open gate: 1 600 DaN

        Inside height: 60 mm

        Suitable for belt widths 25-30 mm, tucked in up to 45 mm

        * 1 daN (Dekanewton) = 10 N (newton)  ≈ 1 kg

        Price zł240.00

          Charly Vitesse helmet

          CHARLY Vitesse

          The CHARLY Vitesse is an extremely lightweight paragliding Hike & Fly helmet that can be equipped with a visor. 

          3 helmet shell sizes, replaceable inlays and the integrated headband adjustment allow precise adaptation to a wide variety of head shapes and sizes, while keeping the helmet dimensions as small as possible. 

          Thanks to special inlays available as accessories, even the under- and oversizes XS and XXXL can be covered.

            Finsterwalder UNILOCK paragliding carabiner (pair)

            Finsterwalder UNILOCK paragliding carabiner (pair)

            Ultralight, universal paragliding carabiner

            With a weight of only 45 g and a breaking load of more than 25 kN, the UNILOCK is currently the lightest and at the same time most loadable paragliding carabiners on the market.

            In the fatigue test, it endured 2.000 load cycles with an upper load of 252 DaN and subsequently 5 min. load cycles with an upper load of 115,4 DaN. The UNILOCK thus achieves a fatigue strength of 5 years in mono use.

            Overview of the Finsterwalder UNILOCK's most important features:

            • The snap gate turned by 45° facilitates the attachment to the harness.
            • The design in the shape of a “3” with a high stability against twisting.
            • The UNILOCK is suitable for both narrow and wide webbing.
            • The lower belt chamber has an extra support surface for the hip belt, which slightly raises its position. This has a positive effect on the comfort of the harness.
            • Red/green marking simplifies orientation when attaching the risers.
            • Gate play individually tested.

            Breaking load: 2.500 DaN

            Weight: 45 g

            Replacement interval: 5 years (mono)

            Price zł260.00

              Windsock Charly


              Due to its size (ø 32 cm, length 125 cm) is visible from great distance and due to the colours (blue at the front, red at the back side) no danger of confusion of the wind direction.

              Material: Robust and light Nylon Ripstop.

              Please note: The windsock is delivered without tubing. Please do not forget to order the corresponding TUBING and an EARTH STAKE!

              Price does not include shipment costs.

              Price zł110.00

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