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The main principle in trimming the paraglider, is to restore the line's length to the factory setting, in accordance with the specification of a given wing model.

After many hours spent  in the air, as well as in a situation where the paraglider lines were subjected to the moisture or landing in water, we are dealing with the so-called trimming issues.

Have you landed on a tree, you are often spiraling in one direction, have a habit of leaving your paraglider on wet grass or are you just an active pilot, taking part in competitions and making hundreds of kilometers a year?

Many hours spent in the air, directly translates into the condition and length of your paraglider lines.

It's high time to trim, it's an INVESTMENT in your safety and achieving back the performance of your wing!


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The typical process of loosing factory trimming settings, paradoxically manifests itself in the frequent shortening of individual rows of lines, not their elongation.

Loosing factory trimming settings of the lines affects the change of:

  • canopy angle
  • the laminar air flow
  • trim speed of your wing
  • increases the tendency to stall

We also often have an asymmetrical change in the length of the line, which causes one part of the paraglider to fly a little bit slower and the other faster.

The professional trimming service provides:

  • paraglider identification: nameplate, documents
  • line condition check
  • line length control check: right and left side of your wing lines, under 5 DaN load
  • lines attachment points control
  • checking condition of your wing risers
  • precise lines measurement using a laser
  • restoring the wings' lines factory settings
  • It is also possible to "accelerate" your wing or "make it a bit calmer"  (according to the customer's preferences)

If you are located in Polish territory, after purchasing the service, please bring the parcel with your paragliders to the nearest InPost locker and send it to:

InPost PIN03M, Legionowców 26, 28-400 Pińczów, Poland

The telephone number for notifications is: (+48) 510521005


The maximum size of a "Large" parcel is up to dimensions of: 41 x 38 x 64 cm and up to 25 kg

In a situation where the size of the cardboard box exceeds the size of the "Large" parcel, please contact me by mobile at 510521005 to arrange other sending options and collection.

The price of the service includes only the cost of shipping to the recipient's InPost parcel locker in Poland

However, if You are located in other country than Poland and You do not have access to Polish "InPost company services", please send your parcel with standard post or logistic company to the following address:

Jan Rentowski "GringoFly"

ul. Jana Styki 15

31-303 Kraków



The telephone number for notifications is: (+48) 790 377 654

Please note, that once you chose this service, you need to cover cots associated with sending back your equipment to your country.

After the payment is receiver, we will print a receipt or a VAT invoice - please provide us with complete data when placing the order.

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