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Price zł11,870.00



    Dena is our new EN-A + paraglider. It is an A-glider with very fine handling and outstanding performance in its class. 

    Thanks to the use of technological achievements from the development of higher class paragliders, we have achieved a masterpiece that sets a new standard.

    What's new?

    With the new Dena, we set the highest standards and use the best materials such as the durable Skytext Everlast in the leading edge. 

    The new UP glider now uses its own negative 3D panel shaping in the A-Class. 

    This ensures a clean leading edge even in accelerated flight, contributes to a considerable increase in performance, and it looks beautiful. 

    Since the development of our bestseller Meru from the competitive class, this technological advance has been a pioneer in paraglider development. In the Dena, we also use other features from the high-performance design that have been specifically optimized for the A-Class. These include uncovered gallery lines, 50 cells, optimized rod length in the leading edge, shark nose, hidden seams on the mini-ribs, 12mm wide risers, and reduced-resistance wingtips.

    Price zł15,600.00

      UP MANA - size 21 - 23 - 25 - 27


      Our new Mana is ultra-light, extremely versatile and fun to fly. The Mana is the right wing for thermal flying, hike&fly adventures as well as dynamic flying.

      With its great range of applications and tiny pack size as well as its light weight, the Mana is also perfect suitable to be part in all of your journeys.

      The very light canopy has an extremely simple takeoff behavior and its passive safety during the flight is outstanding. Sure it is super light to carry and has a tiny packing size.

      New generation airfoil (NGA), Mini Ribs, Air intake pockets (AIP) as well as 3D shaping, helps to optimize the airstream and therefore result in a more stable and performance-enhancing style of flying.

      Reduced Lineset make pre-flight line checks easier and decrease drag, allowing for more performance.

      Five different glider sizes, from 50 to 125 kg, help to ensure the ideal relationship between pilot weight and glider size.

      The swept-back wingtips reduce the drag and allow the glider to perform better.

      Brake Tensioning System: Trailing edge tension is good for handling and safety, but influences performance negatively. With BTS the tension is only there when you need it

      Front Section Support system (FSS) Nylon battens in the leading edge - a lifetime of perfect leading edge shape

      Price zł13,400.00

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