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Rescue parachute repacking (otherwise RSH - rescue braking system or SIP - parachute of other purpose), is an important service that involves taking out your rescue from the harness, airing for at least 24h,  and then folding it back to the rescue compartment, according to the producers' folding manual.

The scope of the service includes the following activities:

• careful inspection of the parachute canopy to find potential damages

• airing for at least 24 hours

• folding the rescue parachute according to the producer instructions

• folding back your rescue to an external container or a harness

After purchasing the service, please send the rescue parachute (preferably together with the harness) to the InPost locker:

InPost PIN03M, Legionowców 26, 28-400 Pińczów

The telephone number for notifications is (+48)510521005


The maximum size of a "Large" parcel is 41 x 38 x 64 cm and up to 25 kg

In a situation where the size of the cardboard box exceeds the size of a "Large" shipment, please contact me directly by mobile phone at 510521005 to determine other shipping and collection conditions.

The price of the service includes the cost of shipping to the recipient's InPost parcel locker in Poland

After receiving the payment, we issue a purchasing receipt or a VAT invoice - please complete the invoice data when placing the order.


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Free delivery from 300 zł


14 days for return

According to the recommendations of the rescue parachute producers, airing and folding back the rescue, should be done at least once a year, preferably before the season, unless the manufacturer of a given model, recommends doing it more often.

Ventilation of the rescue parachute, is aimed at eliminating the creases, reducing the so-called "shape memory" of the rescue parachute which was squeezed for a long time in your harness. 

Just venting and stretching the rescue, significantly improves the opening time of the reserve canopy.

These few critical seconds determine its effectiveness, especially when you are low to the ground.

If we suspect that the rescue has become wet, it should be immediately removed from the harness and hung up, to avoid molding the fabric, which results in weakening of the internal structure of the fabric.

Repacking doesn't mean just taking the canopy out and putting it back in the container or harness!

Rescue repacking and its sequences, require a lot of experience and knowledge.

Having a freshly repackaged rescue, the psychological comfort while flying will be much greater, which will convert into flying results and the elimination of our barriers in our head, in order to make decisions during the flight more effective.

Flying with a rescue parachute that has not been repacked for several years, significantly increases the risk of its opening too late, and thus the risk of a quick collision with the ground and a visit to an orthopedist at best.

Rescue repacking is an INVESTMENT in Your safety.

We wish you many hours spent in the air!

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