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leg strap - XC Tracer Maxx II

The leg strap is ideal for those who value good support and an ideal view of the variometer during flight.

The leg strap is made of durable, comfortable, and elastic material that adapts to the leg.

The specially designed holder positions the XC Tracer Maxx II at the perfect angle for optimal screen readability.

The included safety leash serves as an additional attachment of the leg strap to trousers or harness.

Price zł190.00

    XC Tracer Maxx II

    Maximum for everyone

    Whether beginner or pro - with the XC Tracer Maxx II you fly more intuitively than ever before. It's not that XC Tracer Varios are only suitable for professionals, quite the opposite. 

    Pros like Chrigel have been flying for so long that it doesn't make that much of a difference to them if the beep from the vario doesn't match what you feel. 

    For pilots with less flying experience, flying an XC Tracer Maxx II becomes an intuitive experience. Because what the Vario indicates with beeps and what you feel are a perfect match. 

    Come to one of the testivals and try it yourself! You will be amazed at how easy it is to fly in thermals with an XC Tracer.


    Price zł3,500.00

      XC Tracer Mini V

      Delay-free variometer

      Conventional variometers have the disadvantage that climb and descent are always indicated with a more or less large time delay. 

      With the Mini V, the data from different sensors are combined with a complicated mathematical procedure and this time delay is eliminated. Thanks to delay-free display of climb / sink, finding and centering thermals with a Mini V is much easier than with a conventional variometer.

      And you can set the tones of the variometer as you like, please use the tone simulator here.

      GPS Logger

      The XC Tracer Mini V simultaneously records IGC and KML files, the IGC files are recognized by the FAI for paragliding competitions. And the KML files can be viewed directly on Google Earth.

      Price zł2,499.00

        XC Tracer Remote Control

        With the remote control, you can operate the XC Tracer Maxx without the need to release the brakes. The functionality is the same as the red button on the Maxx. The only difference is that double-clicking (changing the volume) is not supported, and you cannot turn off the Maxx with the remote control.

        In parallel to the remote control, the XC Tracer Maxx can transfer data to a mobile phone, tablet, or e-reader via BLE.

        Price zł399.00

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