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Alfapilot is born from the passion for technology and innovation of a friends group who share more than 20 years his passion for paragliding.

Our goal is by researching, development and use of new technologies, offer to paragliding community new flight instruments with superior features than the traditional instruments.

Some factors that determine our lines of development are:

Electronics: We design and develop our own electronic, for this we have Engineers and own laboratory to carry out tests and prototypes.

Applications: An essential part of our products are navigation applications, in marca we have spent special effort on developing our own application SeRi Fly APP intended for advanced paragliding navigation.

Products: Our goal is to create navigational instruments, which combine the expertise of our pilots, as development in both electronics and applications.

Philosophy: From concern about the continuous improvement of our devices comes our philosophy of creating and developing flight instruments designed by and for pilots, so in αlfapilot work continually investigate and innovating.

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